New Patch Error?

new-patch-error Thread
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Paly_Noob 1 month ago
Anyone else getting the “failed to download due to an error accessing a file” message when trying to d/l the new patch? Any workarounds?

UPDATE: I free’d up disk space (by deleting Hearthstone from my comp, no regrets, heheh) and that helped solve the initial issue, but now the game won’t load up. The load-up bar that goes across the screen when you first start the game gets to 2/3rds across and then just stops, the game never finishes loading. Anyone else having this issue?

Damn patches…


SunEagle 1 month ago
Same for me……

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Paly_Noob 1 month ago
Thanks for replying, glad I’m not the only one. Hopefully it’s just a quick-fix that they’ll have solved by tonight.

Just low key blame Hearthstone. I like.

Elocrypt 1 month ago
I don’t have this issue myself, are you playing the game through Steam?
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Paly_Noob 1 month ago
It got fixed the same day I posted this.

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