Buddy List and Ingame Chat

buddy-list-and-ingame-chat Thread
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I can added Buddys ingame but i dont find an Ingame Chat. Only Button for Fight and looking the Profil.
Gives in BETA no Chat-Client ingame?
Or i see not the Wood for Trees? :)

Thx for Time and Effort


MacDermot 4 days ago
I also find this very irritating, since when people add me I want to know why and who they are. Also it feels dumb to use skype or facebook messaging while in a game.

DarkVaati 2 days ago
Indeed, I also spent a few minutes trying to figure out how to speak with my ingame friends until I gave up. I suppose they plan to add ingame chat sooner than later, because now the buddy list is almost useless.

Thx Guys.
Hope for InGame Chat after BETA Phase.

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