Whoa..it’s a new guy xD

whoa-its-a-new-guy-xd Thread
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ApendingDoom 2 months ago
Hey all,

Finally decided to stop creeping on the deck lists and register so I figured I might as well introduce myself while im at it lol (:

I started playing CCG games about 6-7 months ago, started with hearthstone but I grew real tired of the animation and frankly how ridiculously hard it got to get anywhere in ranked. So i found this and now am addicted lol. Just built my first ranked deck(https://legends-decks.com/deck/529/skullcollector-spellsword-token-legend-1-august), so wish me luck! lol.

OH! I made it to the last boss on the arena went 8-3, not too bad I didn’t think, first time ever getting more than 2 wins inside an arena..

Sorry i’m babbling, lol

– AD.


DarkVaati 2 months ago
Well, seems that I’m going to be the first to say welcome.

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I also decided to give ESL a try a couple of weeks ago because I was getting tired of HS and other CCGs, so I guess it’s a quite general fact among ESL players. Spellsword Tokens is indeed a great deck to start playing due to its low cost and it’s one of the two decks I used to reack rank 1 during this week, so I’m sure it will also perform pretty well for you.

On the other hand, about the arena thing… Well, I wouldn’t want to be that guy who intends to discourage you after your brilliant 8-3 run, but Solo Arena is in fact pretty easy until reaching rank 5. Just an average draft should be enough to reach 9 wins if played more or less correctly, and beyond that point you’ll just need to understand how the AI generally plays. Keep working on it, since it’s the best investment for your gold during your first days playing. Good luck and enjoy!

liquidputin 2 months ago
Hello and welcome to the game! I too have a long history in TCGs, mainly MTG, and am loving this game. I am a mid tier legend player at the time of writing this (#490-310 seems to be my range as of now) and am always willing to meet new friends and encourage new players! There is not an in game chat client yet so feel free to come hang in the Legends Discord. Add me in game if you want “liquidputin” and on Discord I am “ScoutFTW”. :P

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