Update 1.45: Non Collectible Cards

update-1-45-non-collectible-cards Thread
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Ashmore 1 month ago

We’ve added the Non Collectible cards and tokens to the database. You can view them on the Cards page, you can also use the “Collectible Filter” to only display non collectible cards like this.

Cards related to a non collectible card now has additional informations, check out Blood Magic Lord or Divayth Fyr or High Rock Summoner

Edit after Dark Vaati’s comment:
List of Added Cards:

List of Missing Cards:

  • Spider Lair: Spiders
  • Spider Daedra: Spiderlings
  • Black Marsh Warden: Argonians
  • Camoran Scout Leader: Wood Elf Scout


DarkVaati 1 month ago
Great job, as usual!

That said, though, there are plenty of other cards that generate other non-collectible cards and tokens, apart from Spider Lair. Common examples are Crown Quartermaster, Scouting Patrol, Pack Wolf or Midnight Sweep, just to name a few. I don’t know if its omission is intentional or if it’s work in progress, so… just keep that in mind ;)

PS: In fact, if all non-collectible cards are to be included, maybe they should be hidden by default in the card database. Just for clarity.

PPS: But good work, really :P

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Ashmore 1 month ago
Damn, you’re right, I completely forgot about those cards. I definitely have to add them too. Will do tomorrow, and probably hide the non collectibles by default on the card database.

Thanks a lot!

Ashmore 1 month ago
Ok, I’ve edited my post and added all the cards I could to the database :) thanks for your help!

DarkVaati 1 month ago
This is what I can provide:

DarkVaati 1 month ago
And here’s a pic from my last arena run, showing the token from Camoran Scout Leader.

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Ashmore 1 month ago
Thanks a lot, unfortunately I can’t use your screenshots because I have to scale up the cards too much to have the correct size.

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