List of Obsolete Cards

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By: Lokheit
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Posted: 3 months ago, edited 2 months ago


1. List of Obsolete Cards
This is a list of cards that are simply not worth their Magicka cost and there is evidence in the game to prove it. I’m talking about cards that have the same numbers and cost as others, but have less effects (or same cost but worse values), many of them even on their same attribute, making them not worth their cost when you have the same but better in the game.

I’m not contemplating cards with effects that could be seen as bad, or worse than others, for their cost, because there are variables to evaluate and there could be some combos to save them. This list is for cards that are simply obsolete and should get some buffs because you have cards that can do exactly the same but better.

I won’t count “upgradeable” cards either because they’re supposed to be that way. I don’t like the card upgrade system at all and I think it’s a gimmick to force players to level up that shouldn’t work the way it does, but that’s a different topic (I’m level 50 anyway so I don’t care anymore, but I don’t like the system). At least those cards “become” effective unlike the ones on this list and you get some expensive ones for free.

I know the cards listed here are “common and cheap”, but in my opinion this shouldn’t be an excuse for them to simply be obsolete and there are common cards that are really good. Most of them could be saved (even if they remain bad, but at least not obsolete) by giving them a gimmick effect that needs a combo to be optimized or just some minor conditional buff like other cards have.


There are many examples of 1/2 creatures that are better than this one for the same cost or less. Aldmeri Patriot costs the same and gets a +1/+1 bonus if the player has an action on his hand. Cheydinhal Sapper has even better values and also gets Drain for the same cost. Septim Guardsman has the same values and Guard with no Magicka cost. Sunhold Medic is a 1/1 but can either make itself a 1/3 or give the +2 Health bonus to a different creature.

The only redeeming quality here is that all the creatures with comparable values are from Willpower and this is the only non Willpower, 1 Magicka creature with at least 1 Attack (Dwarven Spider has even better defense and Guard for no cost, but it has 0 Attack) and 2 Health (technically Deathless Draugr has 2 Health but it’s divided in 2 phases), but the fact that so many creatures even if they’re from a different attribute (and some of them common too) outclass it, makes this card not optimal. Even with a cost of 0 it would still be outclassed by the Septim Guardsman.

There are also many Strength creatures that offer more for the same cost even if they can only resist 1 point of damage.

Enraged Mudcrab:

Neutral cards are supposedly less effective by default because they can be used by any attribute and they could provide something they’re lacking (that said, many of them are pretty good, specially in combos), but the thing is, none of them seem to need a 2/1 card with no additional effects for 1 Magicka. It’s also worth mentioning that Neutral cards aren’t as versatile here as they are in other games where each color needs its own resources making Neutral cards easier to play.

Strength, Intelligence and Agility all have 2/1 cards with extra effects. You could argue that Endurance or Willpower don’t have access to a 2/1 for 1 Magicka, but Willpower can spawn a 1/1 token on each lane and Endurance has a 1/1 with Ward for the same cost that becomes a 2/1 or better after losing the ward. So it might be a Neutral card, which means it’s easier to access, but unless you’re playing a Spellsword you already have the exact same but better and Spellswords can use more optimal cards for the same cost anyway.

Morthal Watchman:

There is something worse than the Enraged Mudcrab, and it’s an attribute specific one, on an attribute that already has 2 cards with the same values and cost, plus extra effects. Granted that Relentless Raider is way more expensive in gems, but Covenant Marauder is very affordable and as I explained before, rarity disparity shouldn’t mean that a card is completely obsolete, just that the impact in the game should be lighter or require combos. And again, a Neutral card on this list already does the same thing.

Jerall Forager:

Jerall Forager is, at least in my opinion, the WORST CARD in the game.

Every single attribute, INCLUDING Neutral, have MULTIPLE creatures with at least the same Attack and Health for the same cost, and then either extra effects, better values or even both. Some of them EVEN MAKE THIS LIST. Of course that includes Strength with 4 creatures (including a common one) that do the same but better.

The card art seems to be indicative of the card having some kind of healing/buffing effect, but so far it has no effects at all, making it the worst of the worst.

Redoran Enforcer:

Redoran Enforcer might be better than Jerall Forager, but there is a card on the same attribute with the same values and cost and an useful extra effect (Skilled Blacksmith, only a tier in rarity over it and not particularly expensive in gems). There are also common cards with the same attributes and extra effects in 2 other attributes (Kvatch Soldier and Dragontail Savior).

Skingrad Patroller:

I could start by arguing that you have a better creature with the same values for the same cost in the same attribute (Bruma Profiteer), or that Strength also has a couple of better 3/2 creatures for the same cost… but there is a much simpler way to prove that this card is bad and obsolete: Lurking Crocodile. Neutral cards tend to be less effective because they’re more accessible. Some Prophecy cards can also be less effective sometimes to compensate. This creature has both conditions and still costs the same (and it is a common card too). I rest my case. And this isn’t even the only creature in this situation (see next entry).

Helstrom Footpad:

The Agility version of Skingrad Patroller, look above for the same explanation.

Imperial Legionnaire:

There are creatures with either the same numbers and good effects or even better numbes and extra effects on 3 other attributes (Intelligency, Strength and Endurance), meaning that the only combination where you won’t have a better version of this card available is Monk. You can even use Pit Lion on the same attribute with much better values and a play condition that should be easy to achieve for any Willpower deck.

Ferocious Dreugh:

Being a Neutral creature generally means lower efficiency to compensate for the better accessibility, but at least Endurance (Archein Elite and Stonetooth Scrapper) and Willpower (Hive Defender) have cards that offer the same and then more. Not counting the dual attribute (Willpower and Agility) Master of Thieves. There are other cards (also from Endurance and Willpower) with better attributes at a lesser cost but with specific bad conditions. 3 attributes don’t have something with the same values and cost, but that means only 3 of the 10 combinations, and those attributes already have really good cards for the same cost.

An-Xileel Invader:

This one might not look as bad as other cases as 2 of the creatures outclassing him are dual attribute Uniques (Tyr and Queen Barenziah, they both greatly outclass him for the same cost), but there is at least 1 other regular creature with both better attributes and extra effects (Hive Warrior from the Willpower attribute). There are some other creatures with better values and the same or lower cost, but they have specific conditions (though Lumbering Ogrim severely outclasses him and the “bad effect” is almost pointless).

Tusked Bristleback:

Like with the previous case, some of the cards that severely outclass this one are dual attribute Uniques (Ahnassi and Ayrenn in this case), but you also have Blood Dragon from the Strength attribute with better values and awesome text (granted the rarity disparity is really big, but as I said previously, that shouldn’t mean a creature is just not worth it, just that the way they impact the game shouldn’t be as direct and heavy). You also have Stronghold Eradicator, a Neutral creature with better values and a “bad effect” that can be used (and many times this is the case) in your favor by giving Guard to a creature the opponent was trying to hide. There are also cheaper creatures with the same values and conditions that are relatively easy to achieve, like Pit Lion from the same attribute.

Whiterun Trooper:

This case is similar to the 2 previous ones as one of the cards outclassing him is a dual attribute Unique (Queen Barenziah), but he is still outclassed by Hive Warrior from Willpower and as previously said, Lumbering Ogrim (in this case from the same attribute) is better and the “bad effect” isn’t a big deal. To make things worse, this is one of the cards upgraded by levelling up so it is already on its “better form” and still makes this list.

Dreugh Shell Armor:

This is more of a “special mention” because it is a Neutral card and only one item from a specific attribute outclasses it for the same cost (Orcish Warhammer), but it’s still a card that has a better version of itself in the game and when you consider this is also a level up upgrade (and the only non common card on this list), it could use a slight modification to make it a bit more optimal.

Final Notes:

As I said, I only wanted to list cards that have a better version of themselves in the game. Some of them don’t have a better version on the same attribute, but they’re still not optimal.

I didn’t want to include some cards that I think are bad but at least have something that no other card has (at least higher Attack, Defense or specific text and keywords than anything on the same cost range or lower), and for example I think some Prophecy cards got a bigger hit to their cost than they should, but with all of them you can at least argue that there is something they can do that no other card does.

As I said, I don’t think being common or cheap on gems should mean the card is obsolete. Many of these cards could be upgraded with simple stuff that fit their attributes and still wouldn’t make them more valuable than more expensive cards, at least not on their own. This could be achieved by giving them simple effects under specific conditions more or less complicated.

For example Morthal Watchman could get Charge if there is already another creature in the same lane (which fits with the attribute theme and the “Watchman” name) or Redoran Enforcer could get a +1/+1 bonus if you triggered a Last Gasp before summoning him that turn (to fit the racial theme and it also makes sense that an “Enforcer” benefits from something like a Last Gasp) or Jerall Forager could remove Shackled from another creature (which would make her very situational and match up specific, but would help with the aggressive focus of the attribute and at least have an use like many other “situation specific” cards) or maybe instead give some sort of bonus effect based on the number of enemy runes broken to fit with the racial theme too, etc…

It would be really easy to upgrade all of these creatures and still make them perfectly reasonable for common and cheap cards that shouldn’t change the pace of the game by themselves, while being able to fit on specific deck archetypes (basically what a common card should be, not game changing but fitting a role), so that’s why I decided to make the list and bring attention to these obsolete cards. As they are right now it would be the same if they simply didn’t exist and I think no card should reach that point.

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DMaster2 2 months ago
I don’t agree all those are obsolete. While some could definitely see an improvement (see scuttler and jerall forager as the two worst ones) many are fine because arena is also a thing. Imperial Legionnaire for example is a solid arena pick for will because at 3 mana you rarely see better stats than those.

Wan Yao 1 month ago
First of all, in several cases you’re comparing cards from different colours. That is not a valid comparison since a red deck, for example, doesn’t have access to an Aldmeri Patriot.

Secondly, I think you’re forgetting something very important: arena. I have a hunch that many of the weaker cards — and the cards that you’ve specifically noted here — exist for arena balance. In arena, a vanilla 3/2/2 might actually be an excellent pick.

Your analysis isn’t without its uses, but for you to compare cards from different colours then declare some of them “obsolete” is going a bit too far.

1 Reply
Lokheit 1 month ago
For most of them I use examples from their same color. Some even have examples from EVERY single color including neutral! I’d call that pretty much obsolete when a neutral card has the same attributes and then something more or when multiple cards of your same attribute are the same but better. I’d say some of the higher cost ones are debatable but more than half of the list is 100% obsolete.

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