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Do you want to know who is the best character in Multiversus? Or, perhaps you don’t see the point of distinguishing heroes and not sure why it is a topic for conversation anyway. The game is new, but there is already some balance added to the characters. Which means that some heroes are stronger than others. But it is not as simple as you wish (or not, if you’re a RPG fan). That is why you should learn beforehand the battle, and we’re here to help you with that.

The Multivesus Tier List

We made a tier list of the most efficient characters and separated them into five categories. 

  • Top Tier or S+

Who is the strongest creature of all time? If you think that the answer is Superman or Wonder Woman, then you are wrong. In the Multiversus universe the most powerful creature is Bugs Bunny. Due to his multiple abilities it will be comfortable to play him in any mode and situation. If you are a beginner, it will be difficult to control him for the first time. 

  • High Tier or S

Velma, Tom and Jerry, Batman and Steven Universe are in this category. Not saying that they are completely useless against S+ hero, but they are considered to be a bit weaker than him. With an experienced player they might become even stronger than Bugs Bunny and you should definitely give them a chance. 

  • Lower High Tier or A

Those characters are not as powerful as the heroes from the S+ and S list, but they are pretty stable and most of them are easy to manage. For example, Wonder Woman, Superman, and Shaggy are pretty stable and can be used in different modes. But Steel Giant, Finn and Reindog are recommended to use in one game mode (1v1 or 2v2).

  • Mid Tier or B

LeBron and Garnet can be used if you know everything about the other characters powers and weaknesses. In equal conditions you will have to struggle and overcome much more than the characters from the above.

  • Low Tier or C

Taz is for those who want to strive for the victory, losing over and over again. If you’re a hardcore fan, this is a perfect hero for you. 

This list is a brief description of the heroes. If you want to pick your favorite character, who are we to refuse it?

It is worth noting that if you follow the link at the beginning of our article you would find more relevant info about Multiversus characters. For example, we didn’t mention some of the characters’ drawbacks. We have to keep you intrigued somehow, right?

A bit of advice for beginners in Multiversus

Even by choosing the best of the best, there is a chance to lose. In Multiversus you must look not only for the character’s stats, but also his main features. Some heroes are harder to manage and control than the others. 

You can pick the weakest hero and still not be able to understand his features. These recommendations are for the current game update 1.01, so, the situation might change in a month or two. You can learn the abilities of new characters and changed stats again and again or just play for fun. The choice is yours. 

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