LG-card-Imperial Recruit.png
Card SetLG-icon-Alliance War.png Alliance War
Magicka CostLG-icon-Magicka.png1
AttributeNeutral Neutral
PowerPower 1HealthHealth 1
RarityCommon Common

Recruit is a common Neutral creature card. Introduced with the Alliance War expansion, it is created by numerous means: actions such as Strategic Deployment and Battle of Chalman Keep, creatures such as Renowned Instructor and Inspiring Soldier, and the keyword Mobilize.

The creature subtype of Recruit depends on what it is created by. There is one for each of the main races. While items that gain Mobilize during gameplay and Battle of Chalman Keep summon random types (which include the Wood Elf subtype), other cards will always summon a set subtype. While the subtype does affect cards that interact with creature types (such as Militant Chieftain), it does not change the Recruit’s name and thus will still be affected by cards such as Reverberating Strike.

Recruit RaceCreated ByCard artAudio
ArgonianBlack Marsh WardenLG-card-Argonian Recruit 02.pngWhen summoned:

“Ready to battle.”

When attacking:

“Can’t keep up with me, dryskin?”

BretonCovenant Plate, Ebonthread Cloak, Poisoned Dagger, Staff of IceLG-card-Breton Recruit.pngWhen summoned:

“Let’s take care of business, shall we?”

When attacking:

“Time to take matters into my own hands.”

Dark ElfInspiring SoldierLG-card-Dark Elf Recruit.pngWhen summoned:

“I’ll lend you my support.”

When attacking:

“I consign you to the depths of Oblivion.”

High ElfAyrenn’s ChosenLG-card-High Elf Recruit.pngWhen summoned:

“I’ll help any way I can.”

When attacking:

“Have a taste of this!”

ImperialClivia Tharn, Empire Recruiter, Imperial Lackey, Strategic DeploymentLG-card-Imperial Recruit.pngWhen summoned:

“Standing by.”

When attacking:

“Cut them down!”

KhajiitRebel WardenLG-card-Khajiit Recruit.pngWhen summoned:

“This one can be accounted upon.”

When attacking:

“Nothing will stop khajiit!”

NordRenowned InstructorLG-card-Nord Recruit.pngWhen summoned:

“Time to join the fight!”

When attacking:

“Stay down!”

OrcCruel Axe, Covenant MailLG-card-Orc Recruit.pngWhen summoned:

“I’m ready to fight.”

When attacking:

“For honor, and for glory!”

RedguardCovenant Masterpiece, Lion Guard Armaments, Ornamented SwordLG-card-Redguard Recruit.pngWhen summoned:

“Glory will be ours.”

When attacking:

“Oblivion awaits you!”

Wood ElfLG-card-Wood Elf Recruit.pngWhen summoned:

“At the ready.”

When attacking:



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