Ranked is a play mode and the main game mode in The Elder Scrolls: Legends. It consists of a single match using pre-constructed decks against another player of similar rank to you. Ranks are gained through a constellation system. You gain a star when you win a match, and from The Lord onward, lose one when you lose a match. If you lose the first star of your constellation, you will drop down to the Serpent constellation of your rank, though this will not appear to other players. With the exception of the final rank (“Legend”), all ranks are named after constellations in lore. The ranks are numbered, starting at twelve. The number of stars in a constellation increase as the rank numbers decrease:

Ranks Under Loss Protection[edit]

  • The Ritual (12) – 4 stars.
  • The Lover (11) – 4 stars.

Ranks Without Loss Protection[edit]

The Thief (1)

  • The Lord (10) – 4 stars.
  • The Mage (9) – 7 stars. Milestone rank.
  • The Shadow (8) – 5 stars.
  • The Steed (7) – 5 stars.
  • The Apprentice (6) – 5 stars.
  • The Warrior (5) – 7 stars. Milestone rank.
  • The Lady (4) – 6 stars.
  • The Tower (3) – 6 stars.
  • The Atronach (2) – 6 stars.
  • The Thief (1) – 7 stars. Milestone rank.
  • Legend

If you lose the first star in a constellation, you will be placed under the Serpent, which “welcomes the unlucky”. The serpent has one star to lose and one permanent star, since you can not drop ranks during a season. If you drop down to the serpent, you do not lose your current rank. This means finishing the season in the serpent will give you the same rewards (and rank-reset) as finishing in the non-serpent section of a rank.

Season Rewards[edit]

Monthly card prior to its reveal (old client)

At the beginning of every month, a new ‘season’ starts. Reaching each ‘Milestone’ rank will earn you a monthly card when the current season ends.

Finishing the season at a milestone rank will reset you to the previous milestone. Reaching ranks beyond each milestone will mean you are reset to that milestone when the next season starts, accelerating your progress in the next season. Finishing the season at The Shadow (8) or higher will reset your rank to The Mage (9) at the start of next season. Finishing the season at The Lady (4) or higher will reset your rank to The Warrior (5) at the start of next season. Reaching The Thief and above, however, will only grant greater rewards, as Legend rank does not reset to The Thief, meaning the highest rank you can start in is The Warrior.

RankGoldSoul GemsMonthly cardRank reset
All ranks7025035
Legend Card Back
Top 1000Premium playset of Monthly Card
Top 100Premium Legend Card Back
Top 10Premium Legends Top 10 Card Back


Legend is the final rank. It differs from all other ranks in that instead of a star system, it instead presents you with a global ranking. This ranking is taken from all Legends in the current season. At the conclusion of the season, the top 100 Legends’ names are shown on the Legends website.[verification needed — Win/lose mechanics?]

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