Legends:Episode 3 Intro (Isle of Madness)

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Journey to Morrowind near Telvanni territory.
Episode:The Baron
Story Characters:Sheogorath
Previous Quest:The Haunted Man
Next Quest:Baron’s Palace

The Baron: Episode 3 intro[edit]

Episode 3 intro takes place near Morrowind, in an undisclosed location near a Telvanni tower, where Talym Rend plots to drive Baron Navir mad.


Sheogorath: “Good work, mortal! I haven’t laughed that hard since I made king Euryl marry a cabbage! Don’t worry, it was a really pretty cabbage.”
Sheogorath: “Your next nut to crack is one Baron Navir. Spoiled, arrogant little mortal, who’s had everything handed to him — money, power, fishsticks, several large rocks, you name it. But I think he craves even more.”
Sheogorath: “Play on his ego. Play on his imagination. Play on his drums, I hear he hates that. Scramble his brains up good, and you’ll be one step closer to curing your pathetic kid.”

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