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Visit Baron Navir’s palace.
Episode:The Baron
Story Characters:Baron Navir, Talym Rend
Previous Quest:Episode 3 Intro (Isle of Madness)
Next Quest:Kwama Mine, Meliel’s Farm, or Mushroom Tower (quest)

The Baron: Baron’s Palace[edit]

Baron’s Palace shows Talym Rend visit Baron Navir in a plot to drive him mad.


Baron Navir: “What do you want, peasant? I’ve a busy day of lounging about ahead of me.”
Talym: “My lord, I have made pilgrimage to bear witness to your mystical powers. For lo, I have seen the stars that you are the prince of prophecy.”
Baron Navir: “What nonsence is this? I have land, title, and wealth, but mystic powers? I’m no mage. Go bother the Telvanni.”
Talym: “The Telvanni’s might comes from books my lord. Yours is far greater. See for yourself. Make three decrees and watch as they come true.”
Baron Navir: “Ha! What foolishness! Very well. I decree that the Kwama in my mines shall begin laying eggs of gold. That my rival Meliel’s lands shall be ravaged by his own peaceful netches. And that… oh, let’s say that there is a terrible blizzard in this summer heat. There, is that enough nonsense for you, peasant?”
Talym: “We shall see, my lord. We shall see.”

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