Legends:Mobilized for War

Mobilize a defense for the Daggerfall Covenant.
Episode:Skooma Cat’s Playthings
Opponent Name:Empire Toady
Opponent Class:WillpowerAgilityAgilityEndurance The Empire of Cyrodiil
Starting Health:1
Starting Magicka:16
Reward:20 soul gems
EMERIC: Empire troops on the horizon! We don’t have much to work with; can you find a way to take them out?


The game opens with the following text:

“Win this turn.”

You start with 1 health, and Emeric’s Warlord and a Recruit in the Field Lane. In your hand, you have two Improvised Weapon, Salvage, Sparksmith, Telekinesis, and Staff of Ice.

Empire Toady starts with 18 health, and a Colovian Trooper in the Field Lane.


  1. Play Sparksmith in the Field Lane.
  2. Play both Improvised Weapons on Recruit.
  3. Attack the Colovian Trooper with Recruit.
  4. Play Staff of Ice in the Shadow Lane, selecting the Recruit in the Field Lane as the target.
  5. Play Salvage, selecting Improvised Weapon.
  6. Play both Improvised Weapons on Recruit.
  7. Play Telekinesis on Emeric’s Warlord.
  8. Attack your opponent with Emeric’s Warlord.

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