Legends:Solo Arena/Namira’s Blessed

Namira’s Blessed

The Healer

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ClassWillpowerAgilityAgility Monk
ThemeHealth Gain
Prophecies Prophecy1x Healing Potion, 1x Knight of the Hour, 2x Moonlight Werebat, 2x Piercing Javelin, 2x Priest of the Moons, 2x Ransack
AttributesWillpower 15Agility 15Agility 13Dual Attribute 2
RarityCommon 11Rare 11Rare 5Epic 8Legendary 8Legendary 6


AttributesRarityMagicka Curve

Deck List
QuantityAttributesNameType (Subtype)MagickaPowerHealthRarityAbility
1WillpowerExecuteAction11Common CommonDestroy a creature with 2 power or less.
2AgilityPalace ProwlerCreature (Khajiit)1111Common CommonDrain
Pilfer: Gain 1 magicka this turn.
1AgilityVoracious SprigganCreature (Spriggan)1211Common CommonDrain
2WillpowerBruma ProfiteerCreature (Imperial)2322Rare RareWhen you summon another creature, you gain 1 health.
1WillpowerHealing Potion ProphecyAction21Common CommonProphecy
Gain 5 health.
1AgilityLeafwater BlessingAction23Epic EpicGive a creature +1/+1.
When you gain health, draw Leafwater Blessing from your discard pile.
2WillpowerPriest of the Moons ProphecyCreature (Khajiit)2221Common CommonProphecy
Summon: You gain 2 health.
1WillpowerDawnstar HealerCreature (Nord)3333Epic EpicAfter an enemy rune is destroyed, you gain 3 health.
1AgilityGiant BatCreature (Beast)3221Common CommonCharge, Drain
1AgilityHouse KinsmanCreature (Dark Elf)3323Epic EpicLast Gasp: Deal 3 damage to your opponent and gain 3 health.
1WillpowerDawnbreakerItem44Legendary Legendary+4/+4
Slay: Banish the slain creature if it’s Undead.
1WillpowerHive DefenderCreature (Kwama)4362Rare RareGuard
2AgilityMoonlight Werebat ProphecyCreature (Beast)4423Epic EpicProphecy, Drain
1AgilityBrynjolfCreature (Nord)5454Legendary LegendaryDrain
When a friendly creature Pilfers or Drains, gain 1 magicka this turn.
1WillpowerDagi-raht MysticCreature (Khajiit)5453Epic EpicPilfer: Draw a random support from your deck.
1WillpowerKnight of the Hour ProphecyCreature (Imperial)5331Common CommonProphecy, Guard
Summon: You gain 3 health.
2WillpowerPiercing Javelin ProphecyAction51Common CommonProphecy
Destroy a creature.
2WillpowerAgilityAgilityProtector of the ManeCreature (Khajiit)5443Epic EpicDrain, Guard
When you gain health, Protector of the Mane gains +1/+1.
1AgilityQuin’rawl BurglarCreature (Khajiit)6444Legendary LegendaryDrain
Pilfer: +4/+4
2AgilityRansack ProphecyAction62Rare RareProphecy
Deal 3 damage and gain 3 health.
1WillpowerUndying DragonCreature (Dragon)6554Legendary LegendaryDrain
+5/+5 while you have 30 or more health.
1AgilityRing of NamiraSupport74Legendary LegendaryOngoing

When you gain health, deal that much damage to your opponent.

1WillpowerAuroran SentryCreature (Daedra)8574Legendary LegendaryGuard

When Auroran Sentry is dealt damage, you gain that much health.

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