Legends:Enter the City

Travel to the Clockwork City
Episode:The Frozen Path
Story Characters:Kellen
Previous Quest:Return to Alfe Fyr
Next Quest:Episode 3 Intro
Reward:Playsets of: Ruin Archaeologist, Laaneth; Unlock Episode 3

The Frozen Path: Enter the City[edit]

Enter the City is a brief cutscene in The Frozen Path, which plays immediately after Return to Alfe Fyr.

Episode 3 is unlocked after it plays.


Kellen: “Alfe Fyr was true to her word. At long last, the hero had found Sotha Sil’s hidden city. Now, to find Swims-at-Night…”

Prev: Sightless Pit, Mount Anthor, and Bleakcoast RidgeUp: Return to Clockwork CityNext: Episode 3 Intro

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