Legends:A Reckoning

Hear a father’s warning.
Story Characters:Kellen, Nagh, Talym Rend
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Memories: A Reckoning[edit]

A Reckoning is the final cutscene in Isle of Madness, which plays immediately after the mission The Final Battle Pt. 4.


Talym: “Unable to withstand his own terrible memories, Sheogorath relented. He restored my memories, and lifted the cloud of madness from my mind. I also made him promise to leave Luzrah and Cyriel in peace.”
Talym: “In exchange, I promised to leave the Isles forever. I returned home now to nurse my grief, and perhaps, in time, to plot my revenge on the Cult of the Worm. My warning to you, then, is this:”
Talym: “There will always be a devil seeking a bargain, promising to take away your pains. Do not trust them. The past may be the heaviest burden, but it is our burden to bear.”
Nagh: “Does Kellen not have any happy tales?”
Kellen: “A few. But as the story reminds us, we must remember the darkest tales as well.”

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