Released July 16, 2019

Hey everyone! Today we have deployed a small Steam/Bethesda Launcher-only patch (v2.11.1), to fix a set of graphical issues in preparation for the Master Series event. We also took this opportunity to fix a few important gameplay issues on the game server, which will affect ALL clients without the need for an update. Here is the list of fixes:

Desktop Client Fixes:[edit]

  • Card backs no longer flicker between the currently set card back and the default card back when moving from the view/preview zone back to the deck.
  • The card discarded by Cornerclub Gambler now properly displays in the Play History.

​Game Server Fixes:[edit]

Also, fear not, the desktop client fixes in this update will be available for all clients in the forthcoming 2.12 release.

Thanks as always for your support and for hitting us up when you find issues. You are all amazing! <3

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