Legends:Accuse Babette

Is Babette the traitor?
Episode:A Traitor in our Midst
Story Characters:Babette
Previous Quest:Falkreath Sanctuary
Next Quest:Accuse Eliras or Accuse Varlyn

Accuse Babette is a minor location in Falkreath that unlocks after visiting the Falkreath Sanctuary.

When you select it, you are asked to confirm that you want to accuse her. If you confirm, Babette scolds you for even considering her: “You think I’m the traitor? Do I wear a hood? Do I have pointed ears? You’re lucky I like you, or I’d kill you for suggesting it.”

No cards or locations are unlocked for visiting this location.

Prev: Falkreath SanctuaryUp: The Fall of the Dark Brotherhood
Conc: Accuse Eliras or Accuse Varlyn
Next: None

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