Legends:Chaos in Bravil

Learn why Alisanne needs your help in Bravil.
Episode:The Missing Assassins
Story Characters:Kellen
Previous Quest:Efficient Killer or The Traitor Found
Next Quest:Episode 5 Intro

Destruction of the Lucky Old Lady

Chaos in Bravil is the first cutscene of Episode 5 in The Fall of the Dark Brotherhood, and it plays immediately after the final cutscene in Episode 4.

Kellen continues to narrate the story:

Kellen: “The agent arrived to a city in turmoil. A war between two rival Skooma gangs gripped the city.”
Kellen: “The Lucky Old Lady, the statue that stood atop the Night Mother’s crypt, had been destroyed in the fighting.”
Kellen: “Cheydinhal, too, had sent Alisanne help, in the form of two Assassins: Garnag and Andronica.”

You are then brought to the Episode 5 Intro.

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