The king is dead.
Episode:The Corsair Conspiracy
Story Characters:Kellen
Previous Quest:Castle Wayrest, Throne Room
Next Quest:Episode 3 Intro
Reward:‘The Kingslayer’ title

Regicide serves as an interlude between the second and third episodes in the story of The Fall of the Dark Brotherhood if you chose to kill the king of Wayrest. The Mercy cutscene is unlocked instead if you opted to spare the king.

Kellen explains what happened afterward:

Kellen: “The king’s crimes were grave, and the agent was not feeling merciful. They swiftly ended the king’s reign.”
Kellen: “But the Corsairs had laid ruin to Wayrest. And while the Agent had carried out the contract…”
Kellen: “…they had destroyed the Brotherhood Sanctuary, leaving no survivors.”
Kellen: “The agent set out for Falkreath, having learned of another sanctuary there.”

You are then brought to the Episode 3 Intro.

Prev: Castle Wayrest, Throne RoomUp: The Fall of the Dark BrotherhoodNext: Episode 3 Intro

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