Legends:Brotherhood’s Fall

Learn what effect your choice had.
Story Characters:Kellen, Nagh
Previous Quest:Night Mother’s Crypt Part 2
Next Quest:None

Brotherhood’s Fall is one of the possible finale cutscenes of the story of The Fall of the Dark Brotherhood. It plays after Night Mother’s Crypt Part 2 if you chose to kill Alisanne in Night Mother’s Crypt. If you chose to defend Alisanne, the cutscene Brotherhood’s Justice plays instead.

Kellen finishes his story:

Kellen: “The Agent had done well. The Brotherhood’s listener was dead, and its base in Bravil destroyed.”
Kellen: “The assassin’s guild was reduced to a shadow of its former self for decades.”
Kellen: “His bloody work done, Uther Nere returned to his business dealing, leaving the agent to chart their own course once more.”
Nagh: “Nagh is not sure if this is a tale of victory or defeat.”
Kellen: “As I said, my friend. Some tales have no heroes. Only people in the darkness searching for a glimmer of light.”

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Conc: Brotherhood’s Justice
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