Legends:The Bargain

Talym Rend bargains with Sheogorath.
Episode:The Shivering Isles
Story Characters:Talym Rend, Sheogorath
Next Quest:Episode 2 Intro
Reward:Playsets of: Gates of Madness, The Gatekeeper

The Shivering Isles: The Bargain[edit]

The Bargain is a cutscene in Isle of Madness, which showcases the bargain Talym Rend makes with Sheogorath.


After doing a set of three tasks in any order, Haskill will allow you to see Sheogorath.

End of Episode Modal:

Haskill: “Well done, sir, My lord has been much diverted by your violent and musical antics. I myself had a most raucous chuckle. Sheogorath will see you now.”

During the cutscene:

Sheogorath: “Ya want me to do WHAT?! I’m the Daedric Prince of Madness! I don’t make people sane! I’d have to be crazy to do that! And I am crazy. So I’ll do it!”
Sheogorath: “But here’s the bargain, mortal…”
Sheogorath: “You want me to make one person sane? You’ve got to bring three people around to my side of the coin. Y’understand?”
Sheogorath: “Three lovely broken minds for one boring whole one. That’s fair isn’t it? Given that you’re desperate and I’m mean.”
Talym: “You have a deal.”
Sheogorath: “Wonderful! I promise, It’ll be the most fun you’ve ever had. Scratch that: It’ll be the most fun I ever had, heh! But I’ll have enough for both of us!.”

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