Legends:The City Falls

The City Falls
Episode:Heart of the City
Story Characters:Kellen, Nagh
Previous Quest:Chamber of Lorkhan
Next Quest:Next

Heart of the City: The City Falls[edit]

The City Falls is the final cutscene in Return to Clockwork City, which plays immediately after Chamber of Lorkhan, if you decided to destroy the Heart.


Kellen: Mecinar was defeated, and the Mechanical Heart shattered beyond repair. Neither would again threaten Tamriel.”
Kellen: “But Galyn was right. The Heart had been what kept the city’s vegetation alive, and its gears turning.”
Kellen: Sotha Sil‘s last worshipers were forced to leave the city behind, and start a new life elsewhere.”
Nagh: “This is not the sort of unexpected journey Nagh wishes to go on.”
Kellen: “Sometimes, our journeys choose us, my friend.”
Kellen: “And we must only hope we are wise and brave enough to meet them.”
Nagh: “Nagh thinks Kellen is just lost.”
Kellen: “Oh, you weren’t listening at all…”

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