Legends:Return to Alfe Fyr

Give Alfe Fyr the requested items
Episode:The Frozen Path
Story Characters:Laaneth, Alfe Fyr
Previous Quest:Sightless Pit, Mount Anthor, and Bleakcoast Ridge
Next Quest:Enter the City

The Frozen Path: Return to Alfe Fyr[edit]

Return to Alfe Fyr is a bit of dialogue in The Frozen Path, which plays as soon as you’ve completed the third of the three quests Sightless Pit, Mount Anthor, and Bleakcoast Ridge. There is no reward for this dialogue, but the cutscene Enter the City plays immediately afterward.


Alfe Fyr: “You got all those things? Oblivion take me. Well [sic] leave them out back, I guess.”
Laaneth: “You don’t need them to get us into the city?”
Alfe Fyr: “What? No! I just assumed the troll, the falmer, or the dragon would kill you like they did the last three, and I wouldn’t have to bother. But ah well, a deal’s a deal…”

Prev: Sightless Pit, Mount Anthor, and Bleakcoast RidgeUp: Return to Clockwork CityNext: Enter the City

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