Legends:Treasure Denied

Be ambushed by treasure hunters
Episode:The Lost Treasure
Story Characters:Swims-at-Night, Treasure Hunters
Previous Quest:Forelhost Lost Tomb
Next Quest:Episode 2 Intro
Reward:Unlock Episode 2

The Lost Treasure: Treasure Denied[edit]

The Treasure Denied is a cutscene available in The Lost Treasure, unlocked by completing Forelhost Lost Tomb. When you select it, Kellen explains what happens with the treasure hunters and Swims-at-Night.


Kellen: “In their the weakened state, the Hero and Swims-at-Night could not hold off the treasure hunters. They seized the ring.”
Kellen: “But Swims-at-Night would not give up his prize. At the last moment, he reached out and grabbed the hunters.”
Swims-at-Night: “No you dont [sic]!”
Kellen: “And was whisked away with them, into the mysterious city.”

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