Legends:Efficient Killer

You found the traitor, but at what cost?
Episode:A Traitor in our Midst
Story Characters:Alisanne Dupre
Prerequisite Quest:Accuse Eliras
Previous Quest:Accuse Varlyn
Next Quest:Chaos in Bravil

Alisanne standing over the bodies of Varlyn and Eliras

Efficient Killer is one of the cutscenes that appears between the fourth and fifth episodes in the story of The Fall of the Dark Brotherhood, which plays if you’ve accused Eliras before accusing Varlyn. If you’ve accused Varlyn straight away, the cutscene The Traitor Found plays instead.

Alisanne comes to the agent with a proposition:

Alisanne: “I had hoped not to lose more brothers than necessary. But so be it. The traitor is dead – and you have proven yourself, if nothing else, an efficient killer.”
Alisanne: “I could use someone so ruthless by my side; come, join me in Bravil.”

The cutscene Chaos in Bravil, the start of the fifth episode, plays immediately afterward.

Prev: Accuse VarlynUp: The Fall of the Dark Brotherhood
Conc: The Traitor Found
Next: Chaos in Bravil

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