Reptile cards encompass many of the common reptilian creatures of Tamriel. They have the hidden special Animal type.


Obtainable Cards[edit]

NameType (Subtype)Attribute/ClassMagickaPowerHealthRarityText
Afflicted AlitAfflicted AlitCreature (Reptile)Strength Strength2312Rare RareSummon: Deal 2 damage to each player.
Barded GuarBarded GuarCreature (Reptile)Neutral Neutral3331Common CommonSummon: Give a creature Guard.
Blighted AlitBlighted AlitCreature (Reptile)Strength Strength3533Epic EpicAt the start of your turn, Blighted Alit deals 2 damage to you.
Cliff HunterCliff HunterCreature (Reptile)Strength Strength6331Common CommonProphecy
Summon: Battle
an enemy creature.
Cliff RacerCliff RacerCreature (Reptile)Agility Agility5442Rare RareCharge
Cliff StriderCliff StriderCreature (Reptile)Agility Agility4343Epic EpicCharge
Can’t attack your opponent. At the end of your turn, if there are no enemy creatures in this lane, move Cliff Strider.
Crocodile BruteCrocodile BruteCreature (Reptile)Neutral Neutral2221Common CommonProphecy
When Crocodile Brute is Consumed, draw a card.
Frenzied AlitFrenzied AlitCreature (Reptile)Strength Strength1133Epic EpicWhen Frenzied Alit takes damage, it gains +1/+0.
Giant SnakeGiant SnakeCreature (Reptile)Agility Agility5333Epic EpicSummon: Shackle all enemy creatures in this lane.
Lurking CrocodileLurking CrocodileCreature (Reptile)Neutral Neutral2321Common CommonProphecy
Ravenous CrocodileRavenous CrocodileCreature (Reptile)Neutral Neutral2341Common CommonSummon: You must deal 2 damage to a friendly creature.
ScuttlerScuttlerCreature (Reptile)Strength Strength1121Common Common
Swamp LeviathanSwamp LeviathanCreature (Reptile)Endurance Endurance7881Common Common
Territorial ViperTerritorial ViperCreature (Reptile)Agility Agility4112Rare RareCharge, Lethal

Created Cards[edit]

NameType (Subtype)Attribute/ClassMagickaPowerHealthRarityText
DurzogDurzogCreature (Reptile)Agility Agility3442Rare Rare

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