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Rebel Roar

The Victorious

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ClassWillpowerAgilityAgility Monk
Prophecies Prophecy1x Daring Cutpurse, 1x Dune Stalker, 1x Fighters Guild Recruit, 1x Piercing Javelin, 1x Ransack
AttributesWillpower 12Agility 12Agility 15Neutral 2Dual Attribute 2Dual Attribute 1
RarityCommon 15Rare 15Rare 11Epic 4


AttributesRarityMagicka Curve

Deck List
QuantityAttributesNameType (Subtype)MagickaPowerHealthRarityAbility
1NeutralLunar SwayAction13Epic EpicWax: Put a 3/3 Cathay-raht into your hand.
Wane: Put a 4/4 Dagi-raht with Guard into your hand.
1AgilityMournhold GuardianCreature (Dark Elf)1211Common CommonGuard
1WillpowerRebel WardenCreature (Khajiit)1111Common CommonPilfer: Summon a 1/1 Recruit.
1WillpowerScouting PatrolAction11Common CommonSummon a 1/1 Imperial Grunt in each lane.
1AgilityShadow ShiftAction11Common CommonMove a friendly creature.
Draw a card.
1WillpowerBruma ProfiteerCreature (Imperial)2322Rare RareWhen you summon another creature, you gain 1 health.
1AgilityDaring Cutpurse ProphecyCreature (Khajiit)2221Common CommonProphecy
Pilfer: +1/+1
1AgilityDune Stalker ProphecyCreature (Khajiit)2312Rare RareProphecy
Summon: Move another friendly creature in this lane.
1WillpowerFifth Legion TrainerCreature (Imperial)2132Rare RareWhen you summon another creature, give it +1/+0.
1AgilityFighters Guild Recruit ProphecyCreature (Argonian)2121Common CommonProphecy, Guard, Lethal
1AgilityFinish OffAction21Common CommonDestroy a Wounded enemy creature.
1WillpowerSmash and GrabAction22Rare RareGive friendly creatures with Pilfer +2/+0 and Breakthrough this turn.
1AgilityThieves Guild RecruitCreature (Argonian)2121Common CommonSummon: Draw a card. If it costs 7 or more, reduce its cost by 1.
1AgilityBaandari BruiserCreature (Khajiit)3321Common CommonPilfer: +3/+0
1NeutralCrushing BlowAction31Common CommonDeal 3 damage.
1AgilityDune SmugglerCreature (Khajiit)3312Rare RareSummon: Move another friendly creature in this lane.
When a friendly creature moves, give it +1/+1.
1AgilitySuthay BootleggerCreature (Khajiit)2152Rare RareGuard
Summon: Another friendly creature ignores Guards this turn.
1WillpowerRajhini HighwaymanCreature (Khajiit)3221Common CommonPilfer: Draw a card.
1AgilitySwift StrikeAction32Rare RareGive a creature an extra attack this turn.
1WillpowerHive DefenderCreature (Kwama)4362Rare RareGuard
1WillpowerAgilityAgilityMaster of ThievesCreature (Khajiit)4353Epic EpicFriendly creatures with Pilfer may attack an extra time each turn.
1WillpowerMoon BishopCreature (Khajiit)1111Common CommonWax: +0/+4
Wane: You gain 4 health.
1AgilityApex PredatorCreature (Khajiit)5553Epic EpicWhen Apex Predator moves, deal 2 damage to your opponent and you gain 2 health.
At the end of your turn, if there are no enemy creatures in this lane, move Apex Predator.
1AgilityCartel BruiserCreature (Khajiit)5441Common CommonPilfer: +2/+2
1AgilityCliff RacerCreature (Reptile)5442Rare RareCharge
1WillpowerMonastic ChampionCreature (Khajiit)5653Epic EpicBreakthrough
Pilfer: Summon a 3/3 Cathay-raht.
1WillpowerPiercing Javelin ProphecyAction51Common CommonProphecy
Destroy a creature.
1WillpowerGolden SaintCreature (Daedra)6442Rare RareGuard
Summon: If you have more health than your opponent, summon a Golden Saint in the other lane.
1AgilityRansack ProphecyAction62Rare RareProphecy
Deal 3 damage and gain 3 health.
1WillpowerSenche-TigerCreature (Beast)6471Common CommonGuard

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