Released on May 16, 2017.

Spectator Mode[edit]

The first version of Spectator Mode is now live! You can now observe friends actively playing a match and chat with them while watching. An icon next to your friend’s name on the Friends List shows when you can spectate them.

Card Changes[edit]

  • Adoring Fan: Now reads “Immune to Silence. Last Gasp: Adoring Fan will return.”
  • Astrid: Quotes have been added around text granted to other cards.
  • Beloved Squealer: Now reads “Immune to Silence. May run off at the start of your turn. Last Gasp: You lose.”
  • Thieves’ Den: Quotes have been added around text granted to other cards.
  • Vile Imp: Creature type changed from Daedra to Imp.
  • The Animal creature category now includes Wolves, Mammoths, and Fish (in addition to Beasts, Mudcrabs, Reptiles, and Spiders) which affects what can be summoned with Wild Beastcaller.


  • Breakthrough has been clarified to mean “When you deal enough damage with Breakthrough to destroy an enemy creature, any excess damage is dealt to your opponent. (Does not apply when defending.)”

User Interface[edit]

  • Store: Offers that can be purchased with two currencies (such as cash or coins) have been combined into a single item for easy price comparison.
  • Event Tickets: Arena Tickets have been renamed Event Tickets.
  • Deckbuilder: Monthly cards can now be searched by the month or year they were awarded.

Bug Fixes[edit]


  • Typing an emoji into the account creation window no longer causes input text not to appear.
  • The drafting screen no longer disappears after a player finishes drafting a deck.
  • Decks can no longer be named using emojis. 🙁


  • At the Solo Arena Opponent screen, the player’s Deck List no longer remains on the screen as it transitions into the match.
  • Returning to the menu quickly after winning a Solo Arena match no longer shows a flicker on the avatar and the win indicator.
  • The “Wins” counter text no longer briefly displays in the beginning of the “Wins” counter animation.
  • The exit animation in Versus Arena menu is no longer cut off.
  • The Wispmother fight rule “Your opponent is filled with ancient power” now has a voiceover.
  • Sacrificing a creature in a lane with six slots no longer makes it difficult to select the card directly behind it.
  • We heard you like resigning matches but you can no longer resign while you’re resigning. Opening the options menu after selecting resign no longer allows you to select resign a second time.
  • The player is no longer able to back out of the Arena session complete animation before the rewards screen.
  • Quest giver portraits no longer remain in view after selecting a class for Solo Arena.
  • In Versus Arena, the Adoring Fan card will no longer replace the player’s Promotion Rewards.
  • Deck colors for Solo Arena opponents are no longer displayed backwards.


  • Clicking on the X button of the discard pile while Falkreath Defiler’s slay ability is active will no longer produce a sound effect but not close the menu.
  • The summon voiceovers of Sower of Revenge and Doomcrag Vampire are no longer quiet and hard to hear. We asked them to speak up a bit.
  • The sound effect of Winter’s Grasp and Winter’s Touch’s shackle being removed now sounds like ice crystals instead of chains.
  • Ungolim the Listener now produces sound effects of its summon ability animation for a copied Ungolim the Listener.
  • Audio is no longer missing for unlocking new game modes after completing Act 1.
  • In Solo Arena, the announcer’s voiceover for defeating an Arena Boss no longer sounds cut off.


  • Green-Touched Spriggan’s heal-triggered power-gaining ability is now correctly triggered by Knight of the Hour’s heal ability on summon.
  • Heirloom Greatsword no longer returns to its owner’s hand when Earthbone Spinner silences and kills a creature with its summon ability.
  • Summon abilities that add power or health will no longer multiply by the number of Thieves’ Dens and Skooma Underbosses in play.

Chaos Arena

  • The countdown timer for Chaos Arena now displays on the Versus Arena modal.
  • Players now receive a Rewards message if their run ends due to the event ending.
  • The cheese wheels for amount of wins now display the defeated foe tooltip on the Chaos Arena menu. (Nominee for Strangest Patch Note, 2017.)


  • Soul Summoning Premium cards without owning the base card no longer plays the summoning animation while not granting the card (nor consuming soul gems).
  • Mages Guild Retreat, Staff of Sparks, and Withered Hand Cultist are now correctly listed as promotional cards.
  • The tooltip for the Rarity filter button in Collection no longer refers to it as “Set”.
  • The Soul Summon/Soul Trap explanation tutorial message now has voiceover.
  • Closing the game before flipping cards in a pack no longer prevents “new” tags from showing in collection. But seriously, who doesn’t flip all the cards in a newly-opened pack?
  • Players no longer have limited area to where they can click to enter search text despite larger visual target area.
  • Text within the Text Box of cards will flicker while the Soul Trap/Soul Summon tutorial message is displayed.


  • Magicka Cost numbers for cards currently in the deck list no longer appear misaligned.
  • The deck/collection search bar no longer only appears selected when clicking the magnifying glass.
  • The yellow visual effect for adding cards no longer appears under Magicka Curve and card count.


  • Players are no longer navigated back to the Chapter 20 screen upon completing the Campaign and watching the Epilogue.
  • Creatures with Slay no longer gain Slay buffs when destroyed.
  • Creatures summoned by Black Marsh Warden no longer trigger Wrothgar Forge a second time.
  • Keywords given to Little Girl can now be silenced after Little Girl changes into Ageless Vampire.
  • Pillaging Tribune’s summon text box no longer displays “Choose a creature” instead of “Give Drain”.
  • Thieves’ Den no longer doubles the damage done for creatures that scale on summon damage.
  • Removing Master of Thieves with a prophecy card no longer prevents Swift Strike effect from resolving.
  • The “Hand is full” message is no longer inconsistent between the opponent and the player. Please note, this does not account for quantum hand states where hands are considered to be both full and not full until observed. This is a non-issue as The Elder Scrolls: Legends gameplay does not allow for such a paradox.
  • After canceling a summoning ability, the summon cancel buttons will no longer appear blurry until the match is over.
  • The End Turn/Turn Timer tooltip is no longer slightly cut off while the discard pile is open.
  • The Prophecy timer tooltip now displays as intended.
  • Ring of Magicka’s tooltip is no longer slightly cutoff while the discard pile is open.
  • The X button on the discard pile no longer interacts with the playmat while clicking on it.
  • Hovering over Prophecy cards drawn from rune loss no longer displays a green glow around the card.


  • Selecting an avatar portrait now produces a sound.
  • The tabs for General Stats, Match History, and Titles no longer take a moment to appear highlighted after touching.
  • The load icon and wrong legal document no longer appear when selecting the legal document and “Link your existing account” buttons simultaneously.
  • Losing Wi-Fi during transition to the Class Select screen no longer displays a blank playmat.
  • The gradient background for both Arena Tickets and Packs on iOS is now consistent with PC.
  • The “Real money transactions currently disabled” tooltip now displays as intended.
  • The chat box on iOS no longer appears more pixelated than the chat box on PC and Android.
  • The glossary icon is no longer difficult to select on the iPad mini.
  • Selecting the checkboxes in the Audio section of the Options menu is no longer difficult on iOS.
  • The upper-left-most card no longer appears under the Back button during the pack-opening tutorial.


  • Dark Brotherhood Wayrest, Falkreath, and Bravil maps are now localized in the Payment Info windows.
  • In non-English languages, the Black Dragon card no longer states it destroys cards in opponent’s hand and deck instead of just deck.
  • In non-English languages, Eclipse Lord / Baroness no longer has two different titles during and after the match.
  • In non-English languages, Eliras dialogue subtitles in the Accuse Eliras match no longer displays.
  • In non-English languages, the “takes damage” description is now consistent for Dwarven Centurion, Fearless Northlander, and Auroran Sentry.
  • In non-English languages, Divayth Fyr no longer displays debug text in its description.
  • In non-English languages, Alpha Wolf now has the correct ability text.
  • In non-English languages, The Clever and The Smart titles no longer display the same name.
  • In French, Heroic Rebirth now displays a capital “T” in transform in its description.
  • In French, the Madhouse Collection’s description is no longer spaced in a way that leaves an exclamation mark on a line by itself.
  • In Italian, Male and Female Wood Elf no longer have switched subtitles for “Nice play” emote.
  • In Italian, Female Imperial no longer has the wrong line for the Oops emote. Nostro errore.
  • In Italian, Palace Conspirator now displays a space after the colon in its description.
  • In Russian, localization errors with some Madhouse Collection cards have been corrected.
  • In Russian, Pahmar-Raht Renegade no longer has English attack voiceover.
  • In Russian, the quest A Lesson in Arms is no longer named Training.


  • Selecting Done in the Deckbuilder no longer causes the screen to flash an image of the deckbuilder.
  • Options menu icon can no longer be used in some menus following transitions before it is visible.
  • The tooltip tutorial on the main menu no longer displays text extending out of the borders of the Store and Special Offer tooltips.
  • The close functionality of the Message of the Day window is now consistent with other menus.
  • The disconnect message now distinguishes between different types of disconnections.
  • The pack page arrow highlights are now in sync.
  • When scrolling through pack types, the player can no longer grab and open packs as they fly off screen.

Play History

  • Sower of Revenge now displays its Last Gasp damage in the Play History if killed by a Lethal ability.
  • Brutal Ashlander’s Last Gasp effect also now appears in the Play History.
  • Additionally, Last Gasp effects that summon another creature now appear in the Play History. Basically, you’ll never miss another Last Gasp in the Play History.
  • Wispmother’s Ring no longer displays three copies of a card instead of two in the Play History.
  • Shackle effects now appear consistently in the Play History.
  • The Play History icons that show a card has affected another card no longer appear too dark.


  • The Replace Quest button no longer overlaps the deck attribute icons for quests that need “Wins in PVP or Arena”.
  • The message for attaining new Daily Quests is no longer listed twice.
  • The Ranked Season Countdown tooltip now displays correctly.
  • The description of the title The Skirmisher no longer refers to creatures as things.
  • Brown titles no longer display as blue titles when the player enters an Arena Match.
  • Players can now scroll in the general stats menu without needing to mouse over the text.
  • The title The Resplendent now uses a fancy border as it requires an all premium deck and is difficult to obtain and needs to look, well, resplendent.


  • Quests will now always fill appropriate slots when received.
  • The soul gems in the Favor for a Friend quest no longer extend out of its border.
  • Quests with deck attribute icons are now completely adjacent to the text/colon in the description when popped out.
  • The quest When There’s Nowhere to Run is now correctly named Nowhere to Run. Completing this quest increases your standing with The Vandellas faction.
  • The gold box now displays a proper comma for numbers during the quest reward animation.
  • When the player receives quests, they’re no longer formatted differently than they are in the player’s Daily Quest queue.
  • The completion story text for the quest In Danger’s Path now capitalizes Clannfear.
  • The tutorial within the quest A Weapon Forged now has voiceover.


  • The maximize chat button will no longer flicker green on the top triangle of the button while clicking.
  • Text entered into the chat window will no longer blink before displaying in the correct location.
  • While viewing a friend’s profile, clicking their Current Rank no longer produces a sound effect even though there’s no functionality.
  • The avatar picture’s black line border no longer appears differently when viewing a friend’s profile.
  • The cards on the Ranked Season Reward screen no longer covers up challenge requests sent to the player.
  • Quickly accepting more than 6 friend requests no longer causes the friends list to become partially unresponsive. We get it, you’re popular, but damn.
  • Clicking and holding on the location of the reject button after rejecting a challenge will no longer cause the next reject button to be faded.
  • Clicking the Challenge button then cancelling will no longer cause the Challenge button to stay lit up.
  • The friend chat notification no longer disappears after transitioning to another menu.
  • Offline friends will no longer briefly display as online when opening the social menu for the first time.
  • The Social icon no longer appears during the game’s initial loading screen.


  • The Starter Pack text indicating the bonus legendary card is now consistent with other card packs.
  • In the Special Offers menu, the Starter Pack description now mentions the bonus legendary card.
  • The gold on the Madhouse Collection gold offer button no longer appears off-center.
  • The scroll bar on the Special Offers menu no longer slightly overlaps the purchase buttons.
  • In the country menu, missing spaces and spelling errors for São Tomé and Príncipe have been corrected.
  • In the country menu, the Republic of Ireland is now listed in countries under the letter I and spelled “Ireland, Republic of”.

Story: The Fall of the Dark Brotherhood

  • Brotherhood Sanctuary’s animation no longer plays out when a non-Slay creature kills another creature with Alisanne Dupre in play.
  • The pre-match clash animation text no longer persists on the playmat after it has occurred.
  • Dark Brotherhood creatures that Slay while Lucien Lachance is in play will no longer display placeholder art for Lucien’s The Black Hand Speaks buff tooltip.
  • The continue button in Episode 6 is now correctly positioned on the Night Mother’s Crypt pre-match text boxes.
  • The voiceover for the South Bridge pre-match story now matches the text.
  • Garnag’s dialogue in the Night Mother’s Crypt match, the Eclipse’s dialogue in the Eclipse Hideout match, and Varlyn’s dialogue in the Accuse Varlyn match all no longer appear and disappear too quickly for the player to read.
  • Summoning a premium Marked Man no longer puts a non-premium Makeshift Defenses into the player’s hand. They may be makeshift but they’re premium makeshift.
  • Dark Rift now accounts for To the Death’s ongoing ability by not sacrificing after dealing 5 damage.
  • When closing the Aftermath chapter, the icon no longer flickers from the map icon to the Rathir Acolyte icon to the Hall of the Dead icon.
  • Placing the mouse cursor by the edge of a node no longer causes it to bounce repeatedly.
  • Players now receive a notification when receiving The Kingslayer or The King’s Protector titles.
  • The Intro text for the City Gates Scenario no longer says “over run” instead of “overrun”.

User Interface

  • The game term Keyword is now capitalized on all cards.
  • The Pilfer animation no longer travels between both player’s avatars.
  • There is no longer a brief white flash over Lucien Lachance card when first viewing the Card Anatomy page.
  • Dawnbreaker now displays a tooltip for the game term Undead when equipped to a creature.
  • Volendrung’s tooltip now shows when Breakthrough is granted.
  • The Next button on the Create Account screen no longer becomes discolored when returning from the legal documents page during account creation.
  • The View Deck button’s click box now covers the entire button.
  • The portrait for the Chapter 18 enemy is no longer the same as the quest giver Lywen Nighthollow.
  • Interface images are no longer sometimes replaced with white boxes following idle kick timeout then resuming after extended playtime.
  • Cards now pop out in the discard pile when hovered while using Falkreath Defiler’s slay ability.
  • The text boxes of cards with summon abilities now display consistently.
  • At the beginning of a match, the Opponent’s Hand tooltip no longer appears at the bottom-left corner of the screen.
  • The AI opponent Death’s Whisperer no longer displays as Deaths Whisperer.
  • Playmat sparks no longer appear and persist when the player changes the video quality.
  • Chapters will no longer briefly appear locked when rewatching a Story cinematic.
  • During matches, character dialogue boxes no longer display above the concede confirmation pop-up.
  • When disconnected while the game board is loading for new matchmaking game, the board no longer appears empty and the player is no longer able to draw arrows on the game board.
  • The tooltip for chapters that unlock decks no longer list those decks as rewards when the player has already earned them.
  • Campaign Deck Select window banner visual effect no longer pixelates over time.
  • Corsair Ship’s targeting text prompt is now positioned in an easily visible spot.
  • Premium Brotherhood Sanctuary no longer has artifacting textures.
  • The visual effect for Moment of Clarity no longer persists after choosing a card. It is, after all, only a Moment of Clarity.
  • The red border visual effect on Blood Magic spells in the player’s hand are no longer too small to fit around the card.
  • Dremora Markynaz’s summon text box now displays properly.
  • When cards increase either their Power or Defense above 99, hovering over the card no longer causes the numbers to wrap instead of scaling inside their location.
  • The Black Dragon now has both a Play History slot and visual effect for sending copies of cards to the Graveyard.
  • Altar of Meridia now displays the game term Undead in white bold font and provides a tooltip.
  • Battlereeve of Dusk now has the term Keyword in bold.
  • Blood Magic Lord no longer contains an extra space in the description.
  • Goldbrand’s summon text box will no longer briefly display in the center of the playmat when selecting a target.
  • The drawn card from Eclipse Baroness no longer displays as effected before entering the player’s hand.
  • The game term Sacrifice now displays its tooltip on cards that have it as an ability.
  • If the player tries to steal a creature using Miraak, Dragonborn into a full lane, the creature will no longer still obtain the “GOL HAH DOV!” tooltip.
  • Summon effect prompts for Mace of Encumbrance, Bone Bow, and Dawnbreaker no longer appear before equipped.
  • Aldmeri Patriot and Bangkorai Butcher no longer have a tooltip that displays a non-existent buff.
  • Equipping Mentor’s Ring to a creature with a trigger effect and no Keywords no longer causes all other non-trigger creatures to flash as if they received a Keyword.
  • Fifth Legion Trainer’s buff visual effect no longer displays slightly after the buff is given.
  • When creatures gain a Keyword from Mentor’s Ring, there is now pop-up text indicating that they received it.
  • The Invalid Deck tooltip on the Play button no longer displays when the player has no decks.
  • At the Pack Opening screen, revealed rare cards no longer have noticeable blue artifacts animating on top of them.
  • The red flashing Out of Cards visual effect no longer appears over the Glossary.
  • The Discard Pile no longer truncates the art/border of the card to the left of the Magicka Cost.
  • Emotes no longer stay highlighted after being selected until the player mouses over that emote again.
  • Keywords of creatures that are silenced then destroyed no longer appear green in discard pile.
  • Names of the starter decks received as Story rewards can now be seen after the initial pop-up.
  • The new card count and indicator no longer disappears following client closing.
  • The View Deck and Glossary tooltip no longer persists when the icon has disappeared.
  • The border around a Scuttler card to be removed from a deck in deckbuilder tutorial no longer appears over the deck nameplate.
  • Gaining Health now displays a number over portraits as intended.
  • In the account creation flow, the legal documents text window is now centered.
  • Playing an additional card on a full single lane board no longer causes it to overlap another card, making it so that players cannot easily choose that card.

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