Legends:Keep the Gate

Close the gate on their attack.
Episode:Skooma Cat’s Playthings
Opponent Name:Sheogorath
Opponent Class:Neutral Neutral
Starting Health:1
Starting Magicka:7
Reward:20 soul gems
SHEOGORATH: Have ye met me Gatekeeper? He’s a lovely fellow. Never met a head he wouldn’t smash.


The game opens with the following text:

“Survive for one turn to win.”

You start with 1 health, The Gatekeeper in the Field Lane, and one Deadly Draugr in each Lane. In your hand, you have Dune Smuggler, Elixir of Conflict, Fell the Mighty and Move in Shadows.

Sheogorath starts with 100 health, and has two Vigilant Giant and two Iron Atronach in the Field Lane.


  1. Play Dune Smuggler in the Shadow Lane, targeting the Deadly Draugr.
  2. Play Move in Shadows on The Gatekeeper.
  3. Attack the two Iron Atronachs using the two Deadly Draugr.
  4. There are two options:
    • Play Elixir of Conflict, then use it on The Gatekeeper.
    • Play Fell the Mighty on a Vigilant Giant.
  5. End turn.

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