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Empire Toady

The Mighty

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ClassWillpowerAgilityAgilityEndurance The Empire of Cyrodiil
Prophecies Prophecy1x Outflank, 1x Midnight Sweep, 1x Nix-Hound, 1x Valenwood Sentry
AttributesWillpower 7Agility 7Agility 11Endurance 11Triple Attribute 11Triple Attribute 1
RarityCommon 22Rare 22Rare 8


AttributesRarityMagicka Curve

Deck List
QuantityAttributesNameType (Subtype)MagickaPowerHealthRarityAbility
1AgilityDres SpyCreature (Dark Elf)0111Common CommonSummon: Look at the top card of your deck. You may discard it.
1AgilityBewildering SpeedAction12Rare RareMove a friendly creature in each lane and give them +1/+1.
1EnduranceGreat Moot SquireCreature (Argonian)1121Common CommonVeteran: +1/+1
1WillpowerOutflank ProphecyAction11Common CommonProphecy
Give a friendly creature in each lane +0/+2 and Guard.
1WillpowerScouting PatrolAction11Common CommonSummon a 1/1 Imperial Grunt in each lane.
1AgilityVoracious SprigganCreature (Spriggan)1211Common CommonDrain
1AgilityElixir of Light FeetSupport22Rare RareUses: 3

Activate: Give a creature Cover.

1WillpowerAgilityAgilityEnduranceEmpire RecruiterCreature (Imperial)2232Rare RarePilfer: Summon a 1/1 Recruit in the other lane.
1WillpowerKvatch SoldierCreature (Imperial)2231Common CommonGuard
1EnduranceQuarra Clan BloodkinCreature (Vampire)2151Common CommonDrain
1WillpowerSkingrad PatrollerCreature (Imperial)2321Common Common
1EnduranceBlack Marsh ProdigyCreature (Argonian)3112Rare RareVeteran: +4/+4
1WillpowerEastmarch CrusaderCreature (Nord)3422Rare RareSummon: Draw a card if an enemy rune has been destroyed this game.
1AgilityGreenheart KnightCreature (Wood Elf)3151Common CommonCharge
1AgilityShadowscale HunterCreature (Argonian)3432Rare RareVeteran: Move.
1EnduranceSupply RunnerCreature (Imperial)3311Common CommonSummon: If you have another creature in each lane, gain +1 max magicka.
1AgilityVaranis CourierCreature (Dark Elf)3131Common CommonGuard
Last Gasp: Draw a card.
1EnduranceMidnight Sweep ProphecyAction42Rare RareProphecy
Summon a 2/2 Colovian Trooper with Guard in each lane.
1AgilityNix-Hound ProphecyCreature (Beast)4321Common CommonProphecy
Summon: Shackle
each enemy creature with less power than Nix-Hound.
1EnduranceRedoran OathmanCreature (Dark Elf)4331Common CommonSummon: If you have a…
Willpower card in play, double Redoran Oathman’s health.
Strength card in play, double Redoran Oathman’s health.
Strength card in play, double Redoran Oathman’s power.
1EnduranceStonetooth ScrapperCreature (Orc)4451Common Common
1EnduranceStrategic DeploymentAction41Common CommonSummon two 1/1 Recruits in each lane.
1AgilityValenwood Sentry ProphecyCreature (Wood Elf)4431Common CommonProphecy, Guard
1EnduranceBal Isra WarriderCreature (Redguard)5361Common CommonRally
1WillpowerImperial Siege EngineCreature (Imperial)5332Rare RareSummon: +1/+1 for each other friendly creature.
1WillpowerTusked BristlebackCreature (Beast)5551Common Common
1EnduranceBlack Marsh CenturionCreature (Argonian)6481Common CommonVeteran: Guard
1AgilityHighland LurcherCreature (Lurcher)6751Common Common
1AgilityEmpire DreadmageCreature (Imperial)7751Common CommonSummon: If you have another creature in each lane, give a creature -2/-2.
1EnduranceSwamp LeviathanCreature (Reptile)7881Common Common

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