Legends:Assassins Found

The gang war intensifies
Episode:The Missing Assassins
Story Characters:Kellen
Previous Quest:Silverhome on the Water, Back Room
Next Quest:Alisanne’s Story

The assassins greet each other.

Assassins Found is the final cutscene of The Missing Assassins, and it plays immediately after finishing Silverhome on the Water, Back Room.

Kellen explains what happened after the agent rescued Andronica and Garnag:

Kellen: “With the assassination of their leaders, the gang war intensified. Amidst the violence, Alisanne dare [sic] not leave the Night Mother’s side.”
Kellen: “But Garnag’s tale seemed to enrage the Listener. She soon told the agent why.”

The cutscene Alisanne’s Story, the start of the sixth episode, plays immediately afterward.

Prev: Silverhome on the Water, Back RoomUp: The Fall of the Dark BrotherhoodNext: Alisanne’s Story

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