Legends:J’Zargo (quest)

Make a deal with J’Zargo
Episode:The Frozen Path
Story Characters:J’Zargo
Previous Quest:College of Winterhold
Next Quest:Winterhold Wilderness
Reward:Playset of: Scroll Seeker

The Frozen Path: J’Zargo[edit]

J’Zargo is a location available in The Frozen Path, unlocked by completing College of Winterhold. When you select it, J’Zargo asks you for a favor in exchange for the information you seek:


J’Zargo: “Hmm. J’Zargo thinks he could discover who is behind the library attack. This one knows many who walk these halls. Perhaps in return you could do a small favor for J’Zargo?”
J’Zargo: “I have been perfecting these new spell scrolls, but have no time to test them. Could you try them? They shouldn’t be too dangerous.”

Prev: College of WinterholdUp: Return to Clockwork CityNext: Winterhold Wilderness

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