Released January 11, 2017.

Letter from the Devs[edit]

Here at Dire Wolf Digital, we are reviewing cards and deck archetypes every day, utilizing both player feedback and our own analytics data. Our singular goal is to provide you with the most interesting, healthy and vibrant metagame possible.

To that end, we are willing to update cards from time to time. Here are the card changes accompanying this patch:

Crystal Tower Crafter changed from 2/2 to 1/1

The Crafter is a staple for action-based decks, as she provides a clear and powerful payoff for building around her. While we want to push synergy cards in this way, Crystal Tower Crafter has the downside of frequently getting so large that opposing creatures can’t meaningfully interact with her. We’re always considering what kind of counterplay is available against these powerful cards, and this change addresses that play pattern concern. Additionally, cards that interact with actions will get better as we make new, powerful actions, and Crystal Tower Crafter presents a looming future problem for both power level and ubiquity.

Dune Smuggler/Dune Stalker now only move creatures in their own lane

The two lanes in The Elder Scrolls: Legends provide fantastic gameplay opportunities, and these cards are great examples of how to take advantage of that strategic depth. Being able to sneakily avoid opposing creatures is fun, but the Dune Khajiits do it a little too well. It can be frustrating when your opponent completely strands your creature, while piling their creatures in the other lane. The frustration of that play pattern, combined with Dune Smuggler’s high power level, led to this change.

Pillaging Tribune chooses only one creature to gain Drain and Snake Tooth Necklace limited to current turn

As discussed in previous updates to Healing Potion and Moonlight Werebat, strong health gain cards pose unique risks in Legends. As the aggressor, you are naturally accepting that your opponent is gaining an advantage through runes. However, when you destroy several of your opponent’s runes and they use those cards to regain all that health back and more, it can be very demoralizing. While comebacks are a desirable part of the game, the massive health gain these cards represent is something we are pulling back on.

Slaughterfish Spawning/Slaughterfish from 3 cost to 4

Slaughterfish Spawning is a powerful tool for both aggressive and action-based decks, providing them with a threat that can’t be automatically answered with a single kill card. While the quest to keep one or both of them alive to slaughter your opponent is fun and interesting, at three cost it’s more difficult for the opponent to answer effectively than we’d like.

Soulrest Marshal changes from 5 cost to 6 and now reduces by 6

Soulrest Marshal has been a source of concern throughout The Elders [sic] Scrolls: Legends beta. Passing the turn with less health than your Archer opponent on turn five is always terrifying. While Soulrest Marshal (and its friends Triumphant Jarl, Black Worm Necromancer, Royal Sage, and Golden Saint) are effective at punishing slow control strategies, the Marshal can provide too much of a board advantage too quickly. This change shifts the pivotal turn forward by one, when the opponent will have more of an opportunity to interact with free 4/4 creatures.

Hist Grove now triggers at the start of your turn

Hist Grove has impacted the Legends metagame more than any other Monthly card. In many ways this impact has been positive, providing a see-saw between the prevalence of Mage Control and aggressive strategies. On the downside, players have experienced a dearth of control strategies that don’t include Hist Grove, and have been frustrated by the lack of counterplay. While you can destroy a Hist Grove that was played earlier in the game with Support removal, sometimes it is correct to hold your Hist Grove until you can trigger it immediately. Unsurprisingly, the inability for the opponent to interact with that strategy is of concern to us. This change allows for more counterplay, while also diversifying viable control options by lowering Hist Grove’s overall power level.

As these nine cards are being changed to be less powerful, players will be able to soul trap any soul summoned versions for the full amount for up to two weeks from today (7:00 AM EST on January 25). Details on the server downtime for this game update can be found on the forums.


  • Only a Letter from the Devs was released for this update without any further Patch notes.

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