Legends:The Warrior

Hear Dyus’ story.
Episode:The Descent
Story Characters:Dyus
Previous Quest:Knifepoint Hollow
Next Quest:Memories

Memories: A Reckoning[edit]

The Warrior is a cutscene in Isle of Madness, which plays immediately after the mission Knifepoint Hollow.


Dyus: “Once, long ago, the one you know as Sheogorath walked the earth as Jyggalag, the Daedric Prince of Order. I was his librarian, the keeper of his endless records.”
Dyus: “The other daedric princes feared his power, so they conspired to transform him into that which he hated most: The essence of chaos itself.”
Dyus: “Sheogorath has suppressed his memories of Jyggalag, and destroyed almost all trace of him, save for two: Myself, and the Sword of Jyggalag, which is… lost to him.”
Dyus: “I suspect I know where the sword is. Find it, and Sheogorath will see you, Though whether to thank you or kill you, even I cannot predict.”

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