Legends:Practice/Empire Bully

Empire Bully

The Tormentor

ClassWillpowerAgilityAgilityEndurance The Empire of Cyrodiil
ThemeCreatures in both lanes
Prophecies Prophecy3x Outflank, 3x Midnight Sweep
AttributesWillpower 24Agility 24Agility 21Endurance 24Dual Attribute 24Dual Attribute 3Triple Attribute 3
RarityCommon 39Rare 39Rare 27Epic 9


AttributesRarityMagicka Curve
Deck List
QuantityAttributesNameType (Subtype)MagickaPowerHealthRarityAbility
3AgilityBack-Alley FootpadCreature (Dark Elf)0111Common CommonSummon: Give a creature Cover.
3WillpowerSound the AlarmAction01Common CommonEnemy creatures lose Cover.
3EnduranceVvardvark ExperimentAction02Rare RareSummon a 0/1 Vvardvark in each lane.
3AgilityBewildering SpeedAction12Rare RareMove a friendly creature in each lane and give them +1/+1.
3WillpowerOutflank ProphecyAction11Common CommonProphecy
Give a friendly creature in each lane +0/+2 and Guard.
3EnduranceRotting DraugrCreature (Skeleton)1111Common Common
3WillpowerScouting PatrolAction11Common CommonSummon a 1/1 Imperial Grunt in each lane.
3AgilityEnduranceEnduranceScout’s ReportAction12Rare RareLook at the top card of your deck. You may discard it.
Draw a card.
3EnduranceImperial LackeyCreature (Imperial)2222Rare RareLast Gasp: If you have another creature on each lane, summon a 1/1 Recruit in each lane.
3AgilityLockpickAction22Rare RareEither put another Lockpick into your hand or draw a card and reduce its cost by 2, chosen randomly.
3WillpowerSkingrad PatrollerCreature (Imperial)2321Common Common
3AgilityDragonguard OutcastCreature (Imperial)3132Rare RareLethal
Summon: Dragonguard Outcast has Cover until she attacks.
3EnduranceSupply RunnerCreature (Imperial)3311Common CommonSummon: If you have another creature in each lane, gain +1 max magicka.
3WillpowerImperial LegionnaireCreature (Imperial)3341Common Common
3EnduranceNecromancer’s AmuletSupport33Epic EpicOngoing

When a friendly creature dies, gain 1 health.

3WillpowerStrategist’s MapSupport32Rare RareUses: 3

Activate: Summon a 0/1 Target with Guard for you or your opponent.

3AgilityThieveryAction31Common CommonDeal 3 damage to your opponent and gain 3 health.
3WillpowerAgilityAgilityEnduranceTransitus ShrineSupport33Epic EpicOngoing

While you have a creature in each lane, your creatures and actions cost 1 less.

3EnduranceArchein GuerrillaCreature (Argonian)4242Rare RareLethal
3AgilityChaurusCreature (Chaurus)4441Common Common
3WillpowerLegion Zero TemplarCreature (Imperial)4251Common CommonGuard
Summon: If you have another creature in each lane, +0/+3.
3EnduranceMidnight Sweep ProphecyAction42Rare RareProphecy
Summon a 2/2 Colovian Trooper with Guard in each lane.
3EnduranceCave BearCreature (Beast)5561Common Common
3WillpowerImperial MightSupport53Epic EpicOngoing

At the end of your turn, summon a 1/1 Imperial Grunt.

3AgilityEmpire DreadmageCreature (Imperial)7751Common CommonSummon: If you have another creature in each lane, give a creature -2/-2.

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