Legends:Silverhome on the Water, Uther’s Suite

Report back to Uther
Story Characters:Uther
Previous Quest:Alisanne’s Story
Next Quest:Night Mother’s Crypt
Reward:3 Sanctuary Raid
The Silverhome Inn

Silverhome on the Water, Uther’s Suite is a location in Bravil. It is the first location in Revelations. When you select it, you are greeted by Uther Nere.

If you withheld information from Uther’s Messenger in Episode 5, he says:

“Ah, my wayward agent. You might have told me the Listener was in Bravil. My torturer is most suspicious of you. You say you can lead me to the Listener? Good. I will come and ensure you finish the job.”

If you instead revealed what you knew to the Messenger, Uther says:

“You’ve found the Listener? And the Nightmother? Excellent! I will raise an army of mercenaries, and together, we will burn the crypt to the ground! You, my agent, will have the honor of putting an end to the wicked woman – as I watch.”

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