Legends:Dagoth Mastery

Master Dagoth’s strength
Episode:Caius’ Training
Opponent Name:Caius Cosades
Opponent Class:Endurance Endurance
Starting Health:1
Starting Magicka:13
Reward:Houses of Morrowind pack
All right agent, let’s see if you can use those Dagoth techniques you picked up to get out of this one alive.


The game opens with the following text:

“Survive for one turn to win.”

You start with 1 health and 2 Hive Defender in the Field Lane. In your hand, you have Stolen Pants, Dune Smuggler, Feasting Hunger, Leaflurker, and Servant of Dagoth.

Caius starts with 100 health, Stampede Sentinel in the Field Lane, and 2 Awakened Imperfect, one in each lane.


  1. Play Feasting Hunger in the Field Lane.
  2. Play Dune Smuggler in the Field Lane, moving a Hive Defender.
  3. Play Stolen Pants on the Hive Defender in the Shadow Lane.
  4. Play Servant of Dagoth in the Field Lane, sacrificing Feasting Hunger.
  5. Hit the End Turn button.

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