Legends:Episode 4 Intro

Meet the Listener.
Episode:A Traitor in our Midst
Previous Quest:Ominous Tidings
Next Quest:Abandoned Mine, Corpselight Farm, or Falkreath Jail
The Listener, Alisanne Dupre

The Episode 4 Intro is displayed upon entering the episode 4 map for the first time. Alisanne greets you:

Alisanne Dupre: “Greetings. I have come to give you an unpleasant task. We believe there is a traitor in our midst, and as the one who killed Rathir, only you are above suspicion.”
Alisanne Dupre: “In better days, we would have purged this entire sanctuary – but after the destruction of Wayrest, our numbers are too few for that. I’ve told the others you’ll be helping them with their contracts. Discover who the traitor is, and silence them, permanently.”

Prev: Ominous TidingsUp: The Fall of the Dark BrotherhoodNext: Abandoned Mine, Corpselight Farm, or Falkreath Jail

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