Legends:Stendarr’s Hammer (puzzle)

Enforce Stendarr’s will
Episode:Naryu’s Challenges
Opponent Name:Naryu Virian
Opponent Class:Agility Agility
Starting Health:1
Starting Magicka:20
Reward:20 soul gems
Brawn isn’t everything, but it is something. I trust a big, strong hero like you can handle this one.


The game opens with the following text:

“Win this turn.”

You start with 1 health. In your hand, you have Mentor’s Ring, Siege Catapult, Nord Firebrand, Imprisoned Deathlord, Morag Tong Assassin, Stendarr’s Hammer, and Rampaging Minotaur.

Naryu starts with 23 health.


  1. Play Morag Tong Assassin.
  2. Play Imprisoned Deathlord in the same lane as the Morag Tong Assassin.
  3. Play Nord Firebrand and Rampaging Minotaur.
  4. Play Stendarr’s Hammer on the Imprisoned Deathlord.
  5. Play Mentor’s Ring on the Rampaging Minotaur.
  6. Attack the Target with Imprisoned Deathlord.
  7. Attack with all remaining creatures.

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