Legends:Brotherhood’s Justice

Learn what effect your choice had.
Story Characters:Kellen, Nagh
Previous Quest:Night Mother’s Crypt Part 2
Next Quest:None

Garnag looking over Bravil

Brotherhood’s Justice is one of the possible finale cutscenes of the story of The Fall of the Dark Brotherhood. It plays after Night Mother’s Crypt Part 2 if you chose to defend Alisanne in Night Mother’s Crypt. If you chose to kill Alisanne, the cutscene Brotherhood’s Fall plays instead.

Kellen finishes his story:

Kellen: “Uther Nere had succeeded in killing his daughter. But the agent had ensured that he paid for his vile crimes with his life.”
Kellen: “Thanks to the agent, Garnag was able to escape with the Night Mother, ensuring that the Brotherhood would live on.”
Nagh: “Nagh is not sure if this is a tale of victory or defeat.”
Kellen: “As I said, my friend. Some tales have no heroes. Only people in the darkness searching for a glimmer of light.”

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Conc: Brotherhood’s Fall
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