How to Improve Contact Centre Monitoring

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Your contact centre is the hub of your business, providing the first point of contact for many customers.  Quality customer interactions are vital to improving sales and increasing productivity.  So how do you achieve effective contact centre monitoring of calls, chats and other interactions to ensure your customers are both returning and recommending your business to others?

Capture every call

Monitoring every single call and interaction allows the collection of very accurate data which can be used to build a complete picture of how each member of the team performs.  Strengths and weaknesses can be precisely identified and training programmes can target these specifically.  This data allows concentrated training to be applied to individuals, rather than wasting productive hours with group training that might not be applicable to the whole team.  High achieving agents can use their time more productively in the contact centre. 

In depth agent analysis 

Analysis of voice tone, speaking speed, levels of emotional intelligence and empathy, and quality of questioning can be most effectively achieved by Artificial Intelligence (AI) data driven systems such as IR Collaborate. Call centre monitoring software is able to analyse calls in real time and in depth, identify what generates the highest levels of customer satisfaction and use this to set meaningful KPI’s. 

The application of speech analytics as part of the contact centre monitoring software can help improve the quality of calls by recognizing patterns in language such as phrases, tones and words and identifying how successful these are. Issues that are a common theme in customer calls can also be addressed. For example, if the product is the problem, this can be moved to the necessary department to deal with. 

Dashboard tools provide immediate feedback for the agents, without continual supervisor intervention.  Metrics can be customised to provide specific understanding of performance which can be compared to other agents as a learning tool.  Training links can be provided for instant access by agents, to improve aspects of their performance. 

Monitoring the technology 

No matter how empathetic, understanding or helpful your contact centre agent is, if the call is beset by glitches, outages and technological difficulties, your customer may still come away dissatisfied.  The best way to ensure that technical issues are dealt with before they interrupt your calls, is by installing contact monitoring software that identifies areas of concern and alerts technicians.  Testing voice and video performance under authentic conditions will validate stability and resistance and ensure all customer interactions are conducted satisfactorily.  End to end visibility of your entire system helps keep operations running smoothly at all times. 

Customer satisfaction is the primary goal for any businesses contact centre.  A happy customer will provide word of mouth recommendations and conduct repeat business.  Contact centre monitoring is the key to building strong and positive relationships with clients, and of ensuring the centre is performing at its most efficient. Guiding agents towards the right goals, enabled by targeted analysis, and ensuring quality calls is the best way to achieve high levels of customer satisfaction.  

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