Deck List

deck-list-248 Deck
3 Murkwater Goblin
3 Descendant of Alkosh
1 Ungolim the Listener
3 Daring Cutpurse
3 Goblin Skulk
3 Murkwater Witch
2 Blacksap Protector
1 Crushing Blow
3 Eastmarch Crusader
1 Giant Bat
3 Murkwater Butcher
3 Murkwater Savage
1 Dawnbreaker
3 Master of Thieves
3 Murkwater Skirmisher
3 Thieves’ Den
1 Ahnassi
3 Cliff Racer
2 Leaflurker
3 Piercing Javelin
2 Quin’rawl Burglar

日本語有り #27ComboGoblinMonk+Guide+MatchData

3 [card]Murkwater Goblin[/card]
3 [card]Descendant of Alkosh[/card]
1 [card]Ungolim the Listener[/card]
3 [card]Daring Cutpurse[/card]
3 [card]Goblin Skulk[/card]
3 [card]Murkwater Witch[/card]
2 [card]Blacksap Protector[/card]
1 [card]Crushing Blow[/card]
3 [card]Eastmarch Crusader[/card]
1 [card]Giant Bat[/card]
3 [card]Murkwater Butcher[/card]
3 [card]Murkwater Savage[/card]
1 [card]Dawnbreaker[/card]
3 [card]Master of Thieves[/card]
3 [card]Murkwater Skirmisher[/card]
3 [card]Thieves’ Den[/card]
1 [card]Ahnassi[/card]
3 [card]Cliff Racer[/card]
2 [card]Leaflurker[/card]
3 [card]Piercing Javelin[/card]
2 [card]Quin’rawl Burglar[/card]
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agility willpower
Monk deck
50 cards
0 Murkwater Goblin 3

Murkwater Goblin

1 Descendant of Alkosh 3

Descendant of Alkosh

1 Ungolim the Listener 1

Ungolim the Listener

2 Daring Cutpurse 3

Daring Cutpurse

2 Goblin Skulk 3

Goblin Skulk

2 Murkwater Witch 3

Murkwater Witch

3 Blacksap Protector 2

Blacksap Protector

3 Crushing Blow 1

Crushing Blow

3 Eastmarch Crusader 3

Eastmarch Crusader

3 Giant Bat 1

Giant Bat

3 Murkwater Butcher 3

Murkwater Butcher

3 Murkwater Savage 3

Murkwater Savage

4 Dawnbreaker 1


4 Master of Thieves 3

Master of Thieves

4 Murkwater Skirmisher 3

Murkwater Skirmisher

4 Thieves’ Den 3

Thieves' Den

5 Ahnassi 1


5 Cliff Racer 3

Cliff Racer

5 Leaflurker 2


5 Piercing Javelin 3

Piercing Javelin

6 Quin’rawl Burglar 2

Quin'rawl Burglar


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By: Morphpnir
View other Decks by Morphpnir
Posted: 5 days ago
Updated: 5 days ago
Up to date (NahkriinNerf patch)
Crafting Cost: 18800crystal
Missing Soul Gems: Add your collection to see the soul gems you are missing.


(japanese link)

This deck must use many dedicated Legendary cards.
Deck’s game is fast, Suitable for climbing. but maybe not OP.
Crafting be carefully.

Hi I’m Japanese TCGplayer. Mainly play limited(MTG draft,arena).
I love Fluffy Something. khajiit is very Fluffy. Why not use?
So built new monk deck. I’ll explain. While studying English.

Why we win
In most cases, We Stand on the side of Beatdown. This is due to the nature of Pilfer.
This decks Creatures Easy to remove or stop, But if works, they will be snowball broken game.
This deck has Broadly 3 Plan.
Plan 1 Turn 1-3 Pilfering snowball.
Plan 2 Turn 3-6 Goblin synergy. Especially Murkwater Savage and Murkwater Skirmisher.
Plan 3 Charge creature and Master of Thieves,Thieves’ Den combo burst.

Play first or Extra Magicka
Turn 4 Situation is very important. This deck advantageous Extra Magicka Like other Aggros.

Simple Mulligan Guide
Play first, Want 1 drop(Including Murkwater Butcher).
Keep all 1drop
-if you kept, keep all Goblin Skulk,Daring Cutpurse and max one Murkwater Witch,Sometimes max one Murkwater Goblin
–if you 1 and 2 kept, keep Murkwater Savage,If it works,keep other 3drop.
-if you not keep 1drop, keep one Goblin Skulk,if not, keep one Daring Cutpurse . otherwise all Mulligan.

Play with Extra magicka,High degree of freedom.
Keep all 1drop and all Goblin Skulk,Daring Cutpurse and max one Murkwater Witch,Sometimes max one Murkwater Goblin.
-if you kept enough, keep your need 3-4drop.(ex:Murkwater Savage,Murkwater Skirmisher,Master of Thieves,Dawnbreaker)

Opponents class and Number of card keeps is important.
I Sometimes keep Murkwater Savage and Murkwater Skirmisher (andMurkwater Goblin).

Playing Tips
In many cases Murkwater Goblin will put together Pilfer Creature.(not wait Goblin synergy)
Because it is supposed to be Shrieking Harpy or some guards.
Murkwater Butcher is roughly the same.

Pilfering by Goblin Skulk before giving out Murkwater Skirmisher.

Master of Thieves and Thieves’ Den combo,
More damage will be given if you put out Master of Thieves on the previous turn.
Although it is a trade-off with certainty, there are many necessary games.

Minimum care cards
Skaven Pyromancer ,Burn and Pillage ,Ice Storm,Dawn’s Wrath

About construction
1st ver I use this lank 4 to 3
2nd ver I use this lank 3 to 1
Think easy alternatibable slot:
2*Blacksap Protector
1*Crushing Blow
1*Murkwater Savage
1*Quin’rawl Burglar

MatchData from lank4 to now (Above 120 match in Legend)
Tortal 124-69 193Match 64%Winrate

Scout 25-12 37M 68%
All ramp, Pretty keep Murkwater Witch for Fighters Guild Recruit.

Battle Mage 21-12 33M 64%
Favorable to Dark Rift , Rune draw is happy, 7/5 does not matter.
Markarth Bannerman are piercing.
When looking Relentless Raider or Lurking Crocodile , Attention to burst damage.

Spellsword 20-10 30M 67%
usually match with drain control. advantage match with Divine Fervor .

Archer 8-11 19M 42%
Usually match with Regular type.Earthbone Spinner is critical, Burn and Pillage will make it in time. but charge can game end.
Disadvantage match with many Snake Tooth Necklace and Vigilant Giant type (maybe it now #1).

Assasin 11-7 18M 61%
Damage race. Want to have the opponent turn to correspondence.

Warrior 12-3 15M 80%
Warrior haven’t flexible removal. Snowball gg.

Crusader 9-3 12M 75%
all aggro. haven’t flexible removal. Damage race.

Sorcerer 8-4 12M 67%
High legends combo Sorcerer is mighty. Pretty keep Murkwater Witch.

Monk 7-3 10M 70%
Monk haven’t flexible removal. The more synergistic is advantageous.

Mage 3-4 7M 43%
Clearly the control mage is the worst match-up. They have most removal.
If look Mage many, I’ll not use this deck.

tnatym-top-10-token-monk I used it climb to legend in September.
“Ahzirr Durrarriss”

I want to stand out to make a Japanese community. If you like this guide, please upvote.
Thank you long reading! I hope this guide help Monk players!

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Vinther 5 days ago
Thanks for the wonderful guide and deck. Really great job :)

And this was just masterpiece:

I love Fluffy Something. khajiit is very Fluffy. Why not use?

You rock and your English is pretty good, keep practicing :)

2 Replies
Absolutely agreed, really interesting deck :)

Morphpnir 4 days ago
Thank you so your say!
Please enjoy this build, Its very fun.
I respect , He is real Rock. I wish keep more motivation!
I gained confidence English little. thanks :)

Morphpnir 1 day ago
:November Season end #47 only this deck.

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