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By: Pyrius
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Posted: 5 days ago, edited 11 hours ago

1. The Quest system
Hello everybody,

today I want to share some general information about the Quest system with you.

First things first:
After installing the game and playing your first matches the game will present you some “starter” Quests. You can not swap these Quests.
Every day the game will grant you ONE Quest per day.

As soon as you finish your fifth Quest you no longer get ONE Quest per day, but you do get TWO Quests to choose from.
In addition to this, from now on you can swap one Quest per day.

Swapping Quests:
You can swap one of your Quests per day by clicking on the red “X” of a Quest in your Quest list. The Quest will be removed from your Quest list and a (random) new one will replace it (some of the starting Quest can´t be swapped).

Bonus Quests:
There are 3 Guilds you can get Quests from. The Fighters Guild, The Mages Guild and The Thieves Guild. If you finish 3 Quest for ONE Guild you will be rewarded an Associated Bonus Quest.
You get another Bonus Quest after you have finished 10 Quests for ONE Guild.
Probably you will get a Bonus Quest if you finish more Quests for a Guild (I´ll update if I find out whether and when you get them).

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Seems you´ll get a Bonus Quest whenever you are awarded a new Title for a Guild through the achievement system. [added 20.08.2016]

Things good to know about Quests:
If you get a Quest like A TEST OF MAGIC “Win 3 games with ”, you don´t have to play a purely intelligence deck. You can play any combination of intelligence with another attribute.

If you have 3 Quests in your Quest list when you get a new Quest for the day, you will obviously don´t have space for the new one. Finish one of your Quests, log out and log in again and the game will present you the Quest you earlier had no space for.

2. List of available Quests
Fighters Guild Quests:
A FAVOR FOR A FRIENDSummon 15 Breakthrough creatures50
[NEW] A SHOW OF STRENGTHWin 3 games with40
A TRUE WARRIORWin 3 Games with Endurance and50
ASSOCIATED BONUS QUESTAttack your opponent 20 times40
BLOOD IN THE HILLSAttack and destroy 25 creatures50
BRAWL AT THE INNWin 3 Versus Battle Games50
CRACKING HEADSAttack your opponent 20 times40
CRASHING THE GATESSummon 10 Breakthrough creatures40
ENDING THE CULTISTSAttack your opponent 30 times60
FIGHT FIRE WITH FIREWin 3 games with Endurance and Willpower50
FIND THE WOUNDEDHeal 5 creatures40
FOR GLORYWin 3 Versus Arena Games60
FRIENDLY COMPETITIONWin 3 games with Endurance40
HIT ´EM FASTSummon 10 Charge creatures40
HUNTING BIG GAMESummon 15 creatures that cost 4 or more40
KILLING THEM SOFTLYWin 3 games with Agility and Willpower50
PROVE YOUR MIGHTWin 1 Versus Battle Game40
RACE AGAINST TIMESummon 15 Charge creatures60
SWORDSMAN BONUS QUESTAttack and destroy 25 creatures50
WATCHING THE BARONSummon 12 creatures with Guard40

Mages Quild Quests:

A DARK RIDDLEWin 3 games with Endurance and50
A DEADLY EXPERIMENTDeal 15 damage with actions40
A MAGICAL DUELWin 3 Versus Battle Games50
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A TEST OF MAGICWin 3 Games with40
ALL ABOUT ALCHEMYPlay 5 Support cards40
ASSOCIATED BONUS QUESTPlay 3 Prophecy cards when a rune is destroyed40
BLOOD ON YOUR BOOTSWin 3 games with and50
IT IS WRITTENPlay 4 Prophecy cards when a rune is destroyed40
KILLING THE DEADDestroy 15 enemy creatures with actions60
PROTECT THE FLOCKPrevent damage with Ward 10 times50
SUMMONING TRAININGSummon 5 Deadra creatures40
[NEW] TAVIAH’S RITUALPlay 10 Support cards70
THE GUARDED TOMEDestroy 10 enemy creatures with actions50
[NEW] THE PRICE OF WISDOMWin 3 games with Endurance40

Thieves Guild Guests:

A HIGH PRICESummon 10 Lethal creatures40
AN EYE FOR AN EYESummon 15 Lethal creatures60
ARROW IN THE NIGHTWin 3 games with Agility and50
BACK TO BASICSWin 3 Games with Agility40
EMPTY POCKETS, FULL COFFERSDraw 15 extra cards50
FINDING THE GUILDSummon 15 creatures to the Shadow lane40
FOR THE TAKINGWin 3 Versus Arena Games60
GAINING LEVERAGEPilfer 6 times40
IN DARKEST SHADOWSummon 30 creatures to the Shadow lane50
LEARN TO KEEP SILENTWin 5 games with Agility and Willpower70
MAKING THEM PAYUse 15 Last Gasp abilities60
NEW RECRUITSSummon 30 creatures that cost 3 or less50
NOWHERE TO RUNWin 3 Games with Agility and50
PICKPOCKET BONUS QUESTDraw 10 extra cards50
PLAN FOR THE WORSTUse 10 Last Gasp abilities50
SILENT STALKERWin 3 Games with Agility and Endurance50
THE BREAK OUTWin 3 Versus Battle Games50
THIEVES GUILD MATERIALWin 3 Games with Agility40
TOO CLOSE TO HOMEMove 10 creatures60
WORD ON THE STREETSummon 20 creatures that cost 3 or less40
WORSHIP AND WEALTHWin 3 games with Agility and Willpower50

Quests I did not write down the Guild; will update as soon as possible

BOR´S SURVIVAL GUIDEGain 15 health using Drain creatures40
CHASING SHEEPShackle 6 creatures40
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EAGER VICTIMSWin 3 versus Arena Games60

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Ashmore 5 days ago
Wow, this is great, thanks!

Pyrius 4 days ago
You´re welcome!

samanking 4 days ago
Hello today I got a mage quest with “Play 10 Support cards.” for 70 gold.

Pyrius 4 days ago
Will add it to the list, thanks!

Did you also write down the “Name” of the Quest?

1 Reply
samanking 4 days ago
Sorry I forgot this one :(

Pyrius 4 days ago
No problem at all!

Sooner or later we will find out ;-)

Pyrius 2 days ago
Thanks to samanking for adding another Quest!

1 Reply
samanking 1 day ago
Thumbs up buddy! :D

Torbenarius 16 hours ago
Name of quest on playing 10 support cards “TAVIAH’S RITUAL”

1 Reply
Pyrius 11 hours ago
Thank´s a lot!!!!!!
Updated the list.

Pyrius 11 hours ago
Thanks AGAIN to samanking for adding two other Quests!

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