Three things to remember when you are frustrated

three-things-to-remember-when-you-are-frustrated article
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By: Solair3
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Posted: 1 week ago, edited 1 week ago


1. Take your time
Tired of pro-tips you never get to use or fully understand? Read my experience with The Elder Scrolls Legends: I started playing three months ago; I have less than a year of experience in card games. If you are sick of being utter n00b and have ambition to become average player, keep reading.

In my rich, six months Collectible Card Game experience I have learned that I always rush to achieve something. I need to play 15 games a day, but I have only one hour to play. I need to craft that card today. I need to reach rank 50 now. Wrong.

I had same problems when I started playing chess 20+ years ago. Every game needed to be won now. The moment I realized that all objectives won’t be met today I gained depth: take your time, reconsider you objectives, game will be there tomorrow. This all common sense, but you need to remind yourself of this sometimes. Take your time, play a game, think about card you drew, think about your 0-9 losing streak; think even more of your 7-0 winning streak. Don’t rage.


2. Prepare yourself mentally
You probably won’t become #1 Legend anytime soon. But that does not mean you can’t have fun playing the game. You probably won’t become the owner of multibillion corporations anytime soon. But that does not mean you don’t have to save money.

Now, when you realized that Sun is not revolving around you, you can start playing the game and develop your own style. Experiment, play practice mode, play solo arena, and have fun while you prepare yourself to conquer the ladder.

3. Develop your style; imitate wisely
In my second season of ranked play I mostly copied decks from this site and followed advice from Youtube/Twich and other sources. Dogmatic following of ‘stars’ and abandoning decks I created myself got me nowhere. You will be better off with the deck you are comfortable around than with the most ‘Insane Triple Magic Blood Lord Iron Atronach Wombo Combo’ you saw online.

Don’t get me wrong, decks and community on this site are the greatest help you will ever have. But try to be critical. Ask yourself: Will I know how to play this deck? Can I do better with fewer resources? As I said in Chapter I, you will have enough time to master insane legendary decks, but first try to understand the game yourself. You can’t run if you still learning how to crawl.

I drove myself insane trying to master control mage. I had humiliating losing streaks. Then I simply returned to budged spell sword deck with no legendary cards and started burning through ranked again.

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Haze 1 week ago
Kinda nice article. Tho, your style is not as simple as that. It is not because you’ll lose 9 games in a row that the deck is not fitting you. Control Mage is much much more complex to pilote rather than the spellsword token. To conclude, do not fix you style with your winning rate because you’ll always pick the easiest ones.

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Solair3 1 week ago
Of course it’s not that simple, good thing you noticed that. I wanted to say, with this article, that players – both new and experienced should, at all times, fell comfortable playing.

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