Deck List

deck-list-2093 Без рубрики
3 Close Call
3 Curse
3 Lesser Ward
3 Firebolt
3 Shadow Shift
1 Ungolim the Listener
2 Crystal Tower Crafter
3 Fighters Guild Recruit
3 Goblin Skulk
3 Shrieking Harpy
3 Thieves Guild Recruit
3 Swindler’s Market
2 Varanis Courier
3 Elusive Schemer
3 Lightning Bolt
2 Vicious Dreugh
3 Lillandril Hexmage
2 Ice Storm
2 Smuggler’s Haul

Legend Combo Assassin

3 [card]Close Call[/card]
3 [card]Curse[/card]
3 [card]Lesser Ward[/card]
3 [card]Firebolt[/card]
3 [card]Shadow Shift[/card]
1 [card]Ungolim the Listener[/card]
2 [card]Crystal Tower Crafter[/card]
3 [card]Fighters Guild Recruit[/card]
3 [card]Goblin Skulk[/card]
3 [card]Shrieking Harpy[/card]
3 [card]Thieves Guild Recruit[/card]
3 [card]Swindler’s Market[/card]
2 [card]Varanis Courier[/card]
3 [card]Elusive Schemer[/card]
3 [card]Lightning Bolt[/card]
2 [card]Vicious Dreugh[/card]
3 [card]Lillandril Hexmage[/card]
2 [card]Ice Storm[/card]
2 [card]Smuggler’s Haul[/card]
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Assassin deck
50 cards
0 Close Call 3

Close Call

0 Curse 3


0 Lesser Ward 3

Lesser Ward

1 Firebolt 3


1 Shadow Shift 3

Shadow Shift

1 Ungolim the Listener 1

Ungolim the Listener

2 Crystal Tower Crafter 2

Crystal Tower Crafter

2 Fighters Guild Recruit 3

Fighters Guild Recruit

2 Goblin Skulk 3

Goblin Skulk

2 Shrieking Harpy 3

Shrieking Harpy

2 Thieves Guild Recruit 3

Thieves Guild Recruit

3 Swindler’s Market 3

Swindler's Market

3 Varanis Courier 2

Varanis Courier

4 Elusive Schemer 3

Elusive Schemer

4 Lightning Bolt 3

Lightning Bolt

4 Vicious Dreugh 2

Vicious Dreugh

5 Lillandril Hexmage 3

Lillandril Hexmage

6 Ice Storm 2

Ice Storm

6 Smuggler’s Haul 2

Smuggler's Haul


Last Gasp5
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By: Karandor
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Posted: 3 weeks ago
Updated: 1 week ago
Up to date (Patch-1-61 patch)
Crafting Cost: 6050crystal
Missing Soul Gems: Add your collection to see the soul gems you are missing.


EDIT: After patch change, ice spikes have been replaced with CTC to help contest the board against the proliferation of aggro decks.

New Reddit post with some more info on how to pilot this rather difficult deck.


I have replaced the CTCs with FGRs and replaced the camels with support removal. With this new list I hit legend today. The decks feels more consistent as the FGRs can be insane with lesser wards and shadow shift and help you survive until combo time. Support removal (vicious dreugh) helps against the copious mundus stones and dark rifts I had been encountering in rank 1.

The nerf of pillaging tribune and necklace healing has made this deck a whole lot better. 2 turn lethals are now much safer.

This deck recently got me out of the hell of rank 5. I have been tuning it for a week and have finally had the chance to get in a lot of playtime to iron out most of the problems.

This deck has 2 ways to win hexmage and swindlers market. Most of the time it will be a combination of all 3 that wins the day.

This is the most difficult deck I have played in any CCG. Knowing the balance between holding combo resourses, playing for board control and smacking face is extremely difficult and swings wildly based on your starting hand and your opponents deck.

A guide would take me way too long to type up and honestly I play a lot by feel right now since I still have not mastered all the match-ups. I have won and lost vs. just about every meta deck that exists and am just now starting to get to know whick match-ups are good and bad.

It is a very fun deck to play and the highs of the wins are generally bigger than the lows of the losses.

I recommend playing a lot in casual before taking it to ladder, I even warm up with a couple games before I take it to ladder myself.

Super fun deck, good luck!

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PDog 3 weeks ago
very tight looking list, I like it a lot. Any thought on Daggerfall Mage though? Seems to me like it would excel in a deck that’s running Lesser Ward and is looking to cycle. It could also help with how light the 3-drop slot is right now

2 Replies
Karandor 3 weeks ago
Curving out with this deck isn’t important at all and the tomes will, honestly, just clog up your hand. The dreugh could easily be dropped, I only had them in as a tech for what I was facing. Fell free to try them out and let me know how it goes.

PDog 3 weeks ago
will do, I think I might switch over to this from altar scout when I hit legend this season. I really enjoy challenging decks. I’ll take your word on the Mages and start with your list though because you’d know the deck better than me.

Side note on dreugh: it’s a bad card but if this game has ever had a meta for it this would be it. Any deck expecting to reach the late game needs to be able to answer free Storm Atronachs, Swamp Leviathans, and the odd Altar of Despair

Really interesting deck design and use of the swindlers market card. Love seeing the new cards getting some good use :)

Helltrain 3 weeks ago
I tested the deck and wow… i love it. Fits perfectly into my playstyle and wins feel great, you`re right. Especially smashing those Battlemages is great fun. Saying this, i would never change the Dreugh. Quite the contrary: I`m happy to have the Close Call to destroy those Gladiators Arenas and Dark Rifts, if I`m not ahead in life.

1 Reply
Karandor 3 weeks ago
Glad you enjoy it. The battlemage match-up is still tough but this deck does do quite well.

Helltrain 3 weeks ago
Chris Braedley wrote:
Glad you enjoy it. The battlemage match-up is still tough but this deck does do quite well.

Have you ever played Finish-Off? I changed the Ice Spikes for it, because I constantly got problems with big guys, due to the lack of instant hard removal with the downside of slowing the damage.There are still enough cycle cards, so I will keep on trying this way. What about your experience?

1 Reply
Karandor 3 weeks ago
I tried a couple finish off before and if you’re stuck fighting nothing but scouts it could be a good tech. Just be careful about removing cycle cards as they are very valuable. Since I put in the FGRs I don’t have too much trouble with big stuff. The key things to remember when putting in tech is deciding whether you lost because of the thing you want to counter or if you just had a bad draw or if your opponent just had a very good draw.

This deck took a long time for me to get right because: 1. I can’t play enough to test it quickly and 2. I had to figure out the real reasons I was losing.

The problem is finish off is a dead draw against any of the aggro decks. It’s why it’s not in the list. If you’re playing against some greedy decks it is definitely a good tech choice.

Terroriza 3 weeks ago
you should put 3 ice spike in something like this. it cost little and draws a card, even if it puts you at 51, it does not hurt. It is also another good spell to pair with hexmage. this is a good solid deck. the point is to burn them with the actions and 3rd ice spike should only help you win %

1 Reply
Karandor 3 weeks ago
Ice spike isn’t required to win games and adding a 3rd could simply bury a hexmage or swindler’s market when you need it. I’ve never felt the need for a 3rd copy since it has limited utility.

Never go above 50 cards. It only reduces consistency.

Terroriza 3 weeks ago
Karandor wrote:
Ice spike isn’t required to win games and adding a 3rd could simply bury a hexmage or swindler’s market when you need it. I’ve never felt the need for a 3rd copy since it has limited utility.

Never go above 50 cards. It only reduces consistency.

I’m sure you have tested and know what your doing or you wouldn’t of ranked up with it. I get that you don’t wanna go over 50. The thing I don’t get though is that if the card cost so little and could easily be played then how does it bury something else? Wouldn’t it essentially be like not having it if you could play it and just draw again? I’m asking mainly for my own knowledge more than anything.

2 Replies
10togo 3 weeks ago
i tried the deck, i am not good with it tho. Ice spike feels like it worth it only if you have a hexmage on board. I would prefer peddlers since most likely they are gonna waste removals on him. But peddler is not an action so i don’t know:P

Karandor 3 weeks ago
it still costs 2 mana. mana is an important resource and often 2 mana spells can`t be used to combo and it`s a dead card. 50 cards is ALWAYS best.

Almas Selbaev 3 weeks ago
Nice Deck thank you , very funny deck ))))

abeldenibus 2 weeks ago
I added Crystal Tower Crafter to the deck and it works very well. It grows very fast and forces the opponent to react really quick or either spend a lot of recources to remove it. If the opponent uses removal it can protect your Lillandril Hexmage later that game if he runs out of hard removal.

1 Reply
Karandor 2 weeks ago
I find at 1/1 I have to waste too many spells on it to get it out of execute/crushing blow/lightning bolt range.

It still definitely works, I just found FGR worked better when I last had time to play a lot.

With the upcoming nerfs the meta is going to shift again and support removal may be less important so I may throw in 2 daggerfall mages in place of the vicious dreugh.

James Traynor 1 week ago
Are you using the Thieves Guild Recruit simply to get the extra card drawn? I am thinking yes as you have no cards that cost 7 or more. I have tried the deck a couple of times in ladder first, and got my arse handed to me twice, so going to take it to casual to get a feel for it.

1 Reply
Karandor 1 week ago
cycle cycle cycle, that’s how you get the combo pieces and win

Jaycore 1 week ago
Ive been really enjoying this deck, thanks for sharing! I added 2 Supreme Atromancers, with those you get another wincondition. Also what do you think about Murkwater Shamans? Seem a pretty good choice, but i dont have them and dont really want to craft them just to find out that theyre shit…

1 Reply
Karandor 1 week ago
they’re just a bit slow, but go ahead, this deck can be built many different ways and the meta is so unstable right now that I’m not sure what the optimal deck is right now.

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