Dragons are large, flying reptilians creatures. A complete list of dragons found in Legends can be found in the Legends-Cards-Creature-Dragon category.


NameType (Subtype)Attribute/ClassMagickaPowerHealthRarityText
AlduinAlduinCreature (Dragon)Neutral Neutral2012124Legendary LegendaryCost 2 less for each Dragon in your discard pile.
Summon: Destroy all other creatures.
At the start of your turn, summon a random dragon from your discard pile.
Blood DragonBlood DragonCreature (Dragon)Strength Strength5574Legendary LegendaryIgnores Guards and may attack creatures in any lane.
Clockwork DragonClockwork DragonCreature (Dragon)Neutral Neutral5443Epic EpicSummon: If Clockwork Dragon is in the left lane, +2/+0 and Drain. Otherwise, +0/+2 and Guard.
Dovah of the VoiceDovah of the VoiceCreature (Dragon)Agility Agility7641Common CommonLast Gasp: Put a random Shout into your hand.
Echo of AkatoshEcho of AkatoshCreature (Dragon)Intelligence Intelligence6554Legendary LegendaryWhen you draw a creature, give it a random Keyword.
Fallen DragonFallen DragonCreature (Dragon)Endurance Endurance55101Common CommonSummon: Fallen Dragon deals 5 damage to itself.
Flamespear DragonFlamespear DragonCreature (Dragon)Strength Strength4454Legendary LegendaryWhen your opponent summons a creature, Flamespear Dragon aims at it. At the start of your turn, Flamespear Dragon deals 1 damage to the creature it’s aiming at.
Frostscale DragonFrostscale DragonCreature (Dragon)StrengthIntelligenceIntelligence Battlemage9663Epic EpicSummon: Deal 4 damage to an enemy creature and 1 damage to all other enemy creatures.
Glacial DragonGlacial DragonCreature (Dragon)Intelligence Intelligence6454Legendary LegendaryShackle enemy creatures damaged by friendly Dragons.
Summon: Deal 2 damage to a creature.
Icewing DragonIcewing DragonCreature (Dragon)Intelligence Intelligence6642Rare RareSummon: Shackle an enemy creature.
Ironscale DragonIronscale DragonCreature (Dragon)Endurance Endurance7771Common CommonRegenerate
KaalgrontiidKaalgrontiidCreature (Dragon)Willpower Willpower12894Legendary LegendaryGuard
Summon: Summon the Halls of Colossus.
Karthspire ScourgeKarthspire ScourgeCreature (Dragon)Willpower Willpower5442Rare RareSummon: Give all enemy creatures in this lane -1/-0.
MulaamnirMulaamnirCreature (Dragon)Strength Strength9984Legendary LegendarySummon and Slay: Battle an enemy creature with less power then Mulaamnir’s health.
Mystic DragonMystic DragonCreature (Dragon)Intelligence Intelligence4441Common CommonProphecy
NahagliivNahagliivCreature (Dragon)Endurance Endurance7774Legendary LegendaryGuard
Your opponent can’t target Nahagliiv with actions.
OdahviingOdahviingCreature (Dragon)Neutral Neutral1210104Legendary LegendarySummon: Deal 4 damage to all enemy creatures.
PaarthurnaxPaarthurnaxCreature (Dragon)Neutral Neutral12994Legendary LegendarySummon: Put three random Shouts into your hand and reduce their costs to 0.
Revered GuardianRevered GuardianCreature (Dragon)Willpower Willpower4441Common CommonGuard
Serpentine StalkerSerpentine StalkerCreature (Dragon)Agility Agility4444Legendary LegendarySlay: +2/+0
May move to attack creatures in the other lane.
Shearpoint DragonShearpoint DragonCreature (Dragon)Agility Agility6442Rare RareSummon: Give a creature -2/-2.
When you reduce a creature’s power or health with another effect, reduce it by an extra 1.
Skeletal DragonSkeletal DragonCreature (Dragon, Skeleton)Endurance Endurance8554Legendary LegendaryGuard
Summon: Give all creatures in your discard pile +2/+2.
Last Gasp: Draw another random creature from your discard pile.
Skyborn DragonSkyborn DragonCreature (Dragon)Strength Strength6732Rare RareSummon: Battle an enemy creature.
Spine of EldersbloodSpine of EldersbloodCreature (Dragon)Endurance Endurance6662Rare RareSummon: Gain +1 max magicka.
Supreme DragonSupreme DragonCreature (Dragon)StrengthWillpowerWillpower Crusader6773Epic EpicAt the start of each turn, for each enemy creature in this lane with power greater than 3, set its power to 3.
Swiftwing DragonSwiftwing DragonCreature (Dragon)Strength Strength8551Common CommonCharge
Tiny DragonTiny DragonCreature (Dragon)Strength Strength2111Common CommonSummon: Deal 1 damage to all enemy creatures in this lane.
Undying DragonUndying DragonCreature (Dragon)Willpower Willpower6554Legendary LegendaryDrain
+5/+5 while you have 30 or more health.
Wildfire DragonWildfire DragonCreature (Dragon)Strength Strength7664Legendary LegendaryBreakthrough
Summon: Deal 1 damage to all other creatures.
Slay: +1/+1.

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