Legends:Murder Scene

Examine a dead body.
Episode:Enter the Shadows
Story Characters:Kellen
Previous Quest:Uther’s Story
Next Quest:Dreughside
Reward:3x Daggers in the Dark
The Murder Scene

Enter the Shadows: Murder Scene[edit]

The Murder Scene is a location in Wayrest. It is one of the first two locations in that map, along with The Cloudy Dregs Inn. When you select it, you are given a summary by Kellen:

LG-loc-Murder Scene 02.png


Kellen: “Examining the body, the agent found claw marks on its back. This was not the work of any assassin. Had the monsters that infested Dreughside come into the city?”
Kellen: “The agent resolved to investigate.”
Prev: Uther’s StoryUp: The Fall of the Dark BrotherhoodNext: Dreughside

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