Released October 07, 2019

The latest version of The Elder Scrolls: Legends is live! This release opens up the gates of Oblivion to pit Blade versus Daedra with over 80 new cards in our Jaws of Oblivion expansion! The Jaws of Oblivion are open!

Mehrunes Dagon’s invasion of Tamriel has begun! Take up arms with Martin Septim and the Blades or join the invading Daedra and the Order of the Mythic Dawn in our latest card pack expansion featuring:

  • 82 new collectible cards.
  • The new Invade mechanic: summon and upgrade Oblivion Gates, and use them to enhance your Daedra forces.
  • A brand new playmat.
  • Six new musical tracks written specifically for The Elder Scrolls: Legends.
  • A new Main Menu background.
  • 14 new titles.
  • 18 new quests.
  • Three new card backs.

Arena Changes[edit]

For a limited time only (until the next client update), Arena will be embracing the Oblivion Crisis and highlighting the conflict between the invading Daedra and Tamriel’s resisting forces: Jaws of Oblivion cards appear at 4x frequency and Moons of Elsweyr cards appear at 2x frequency. At the start of each Arena run, the options presented for which attributes to play will include:

  • One Invasion-aligned option: Battlemage, Crusader, Mage, or Guildsworn
  • One Tamriel-aligned option: Monk, Scout, Spellsword, or Empire
  • One option at random from all 20 dual-color and tri-color combinations
  • Moon Gate, Frazzled Alfiq, Rebellion General, Smash and Grab, and Old Salty’s Assault have been curated out of Arena.
  • We’ve made several changes to how ranking works in Versus Arena, which will now function more like the current Versus Ladder. More information on these changes can be found here.

Event Features[edit]

  • Players can now import pre-existing decks into Events. Simply copy your deck code into your clipboard and then enter the deck creation screen of the event. You will be prompted to import your deck and any disallowed cards will automatically be removed from the event deck, keeping your actual deck intact.
  • Event entry can now be directly purchased with Gold.

Animation, Visual and Audio Effects[edit]

  • Fixed an issue that was preventing card animations from playing when certain cards were played in a certain order.
  • If a creature dies while pilfering, the pilfer coin VFX will no longer go to the center of the playmat but to the player’s avatar.
  • Arcane Enchanter will no longer flash as if activated when Spear of Embers is triggered by Prophecy.
  • Prophet of Bones now plays its exalt VO when exalted.
  • Playmats now play their thematic music instead of only playing music from the most recent expansion. (The Isle of Madness playmat will play the original tracks as new music was not created for that expansion).


  • Consecutive plays of Soulrest Marshal no longer stack their cost reductions.
  • When Stalwart Ally is summoned, it will now properly receive the buff from a conditional check (such as East Empire Crafter), if it would qualify after it receives its buff from the Stalwart Ally summon ability.
  • A target’s power that has been reduced by Bruma Oppressor will now properly be reduced to 0 when a Shearpoint Dragon is also in play.
  • Pilfering with a 12-cost creature in the Madness lane will now properly transform into a 13 cost Ancient Giant and continue to increase in cost.
  • Cog Collector will now summon an Ancient Giant based on the number of pilfers when there are no neutral creatures to summon.
  • Dark Anchor has been changed from creature type “Defense” to “Portal”.


  • Fixed an issue that was preventing the client from logging in without having Game Center active, on devices running iOS 13.
  • Fixed an issue that was giving extra Adoring Fan cards to players who already had one regular and one premium.
  • Players will now receive multiple quests when logging in if their quest list is empty and they have not logged in for more than three days. Completing those three quests will grant one more daily quest, with the next daily quest appearing as normal, the next day.
  • Fixed an issue causing some UI elements to appear blurry on high-end mobile devices.
  • Players are now able to opt back into the Limit Tracking and Profiling option by clicking “No”. This will re-enable the ability to receive special offers.


  • A Quickplay button has been added to the Play menu. When the user plays a match, that match type will be saved locally. The next time “Play” is clicked on the Main Menu, the right-most panel in the following menu will take the user to the last saved play mode. (If this is an Event or Arena that has ended, it will default to Casual Versus).
  • The player’s rank on the Rank Rewards section of the Events UI now properly updates as soon as a player’s rank changes.
  • The drop-down filter on the Leaderboard page no longer reverts to Top Ranking immediately after the player selects My Ranking.
  • The Event leaderboards now have page arrows to scroll through the entire leaderboard.
  • Should a player not enter an active event, the Event window properly disappears when registration ends.
  • Event matches now display in the Match History under the player’s profile.
  • Multiple text-wrap and capitalization issues have been fixed on the Events menu. More fixes forthcoming.
  • Navigating to the Profile from the Events page then back to the Events page no longer causes the submenu tabs to disappear.
  • When Razum-Dar is in play, the first card drawn by the opponent is now properly revealed to the player.
  • When half of a Double Card is played the other half is now properly revealed to the opponent.
  • All Atronachs are now highlighted in gold text in the discard pile when choosing a creature to Consume with Alfiq Conjurer.
  • Quests with “Win with: X attributes” now properly display those attribute icons.
  • Chamberlain of Sheogorath is no longer visible for accounts that do not own the title.
  • Best Arena rank now properly updates in the player’s profile.
  • Keywords given from Echo of Akatosh now properly display on creatures as they are drawn, and the user no longer must summon the creature for the keyword to appear.
  • Companion Harbinger now properly gives a hanger indicating its buff on friendly werewolves.
  • Blood Pact Messenger now properly states it is available from Episode 5, Bravil, in The Fall of the Dark Brotherhood campaign.
  • The Special Offers button no longer overlaps any other buttons on the Main Menu, on tablet devices.
  • A user is now kicked from spectator mode if the player they are spectating removes them from their friends list.
  • Pressing the ESC key while viewing the Rank page will now properly go back to the previous screen without any incorrect overlap.
  • The Back-menu button hitbox has been fixed to include all pixels across the top row.


  • When players receive a title and card back in the same reward screen, they will now properly be placed next to each other instead of on top of each other.

Versus Arena[edit]

With the release of our 2.14 patch, ranked ladder comes to Versus Arena!

The Versus Arena rank system has been replaced with the same constellation structure as the current Ranked Play ladder. Players will move up one star for a win and move down one star for a loss in the same fashion as Ranked Play (including into the Snake, if a player loses while at the beginning of a constellation), moving up a rank after winning a game at the end of the current constellation.

Players from rank 1-12 with four wins in one arena run will also get “Bonus Matches”, granting them an additional star if they are able to get their fifth win. At the end of each month, rankings will reset in the same fashion as on the Ranked Play ladder. Players who are at rank 9-12 will return to rank 12, players from rank 5-8 will return to rank 9 and players from rank 1-5 and Legend rank will return to rank 5.

The Versus Arena rank system will also have a Legend rank like the Ranked Play ladder. Once at Legend rank, resigning a Versus Arena run will come with a two-match penalty, and “Bonus Matches” will no longer be awarded. Otherwise, winning and losing games will affect players’ Legend ranks in the same fashion as in the Ranked Play ladder.

Matchmaking is similar to the Ranked Play ladder, with priority placed on matching players to similar ranks. However, players will also receive adjustments based on their record in their current arena run, facing (slightly) stronger opponents with more successful runs and (slightly) weaker opponents with less successful ones.

Players will still receive the same per-run rewards that they always have, including a non-premium Adoring Fan for a 7-win run. However, rank-up rewards have become seasonal rewards, as follows:

  • Players that reach Legend rank for the first time will receive the same Legend card back available on the Ranked Play ladder (if they don’t already have it.) In addition, players that reach Legend rank for the first time will receive a premium copy of Adoring Fan, (again, if they don’t already have one.)
  • At the end of each month, players who reached rank 9 will receive one Event Ticket. Players who reached rank 5 will receive one additional Event Ticket (two total), while players who reached rank 1 will receive one additional Event Ticket (three total).
  • At the end of each month, players who ended the season in the top 100 or top 10 Legend rank will receive the same special card backs as the Ranked Play ladder.

We hope you enjoy the changes to the Versus Arena. Go forth and revel in the glory of battle!

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