Legends:Episode 4 Intro (Isle of Madness)

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Journey to Skyrim.
Episode:The Betrayal
Story Characters:Sheogorath, Talym Rend
Previous Quest:The Baron
Next Quest:Druadach Pass

The Betrayal: Episode 4 intro[edit]

Episode 4 intro takes place in Skyrim, near the Dwemer ruin of Bthardamz.


Sheogorath: “I’ve saved your best victim for last! It’s the Imperial spymaster Porcia Loran — oh your old boss, if I’m not mistaken. And I’m usually taken correctly. She’s currently attached to an Imperial phalanx that’s preparing for battle against a pesky clan of Reachmen invaders.”
Talym: “No. Porcia is a good person. She doesn’t deserve –“
Sheogorath: Deserve what? A little insanity? Take it from me, insanity’s more fun than popping pimples with a hammer! You really ought to try it some time.”
Sheogorath: But the choice is yours! You can go back to your poor, crazy son and forget all of this ever happened. Little Novos will never know you could have saved him.”
Talym: “You know I won’t do that. Just… just tell me what you want me to do.”
Sheogorath: Only what you do best, Tally-boy! Get snuggled up nice and close to your target, and then ruin them. The Reachmen are holed up in that Dwemer ruin there. I’m sure you can figure it out from here.”
Sheogorath: Oh, and I’ve just decided: You’ve got three days to do the job, or the deal’s off. Chop chop!”


Porcia and her phalanx were originally called Bretons. With patch 2.8, their audio and dialogue were updated to call them Imperials.

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