Legends:Mushroom Tower (puzzle)

Use a Mushroom Tower to great effect.
Episode:Divayth Fyr’s Trials
Opponent Name:Divayth Fyr
Opponent Class:Intelligence Intelligence
Starting Health:1
Starting Magicka:21
Reward:Houses of Morrowind pack
At times, I wish I could bring myself to be holed up in a Mushroom Tower, for they certainly have their advantages.


The game opens with the following text:

“Win this turn.”

You start with 1 health, Therana in the Field Lane, a Crystal Tower Crafter in the Shadow Lane, and Mushroom Tower in play. In your hand, you have Drain Vitality, Leafwater Blessing, Call of Valor, Unrelenting Force, Dragon Aspect, and Greybeard Mentor.

Divayth starts with 21 health. He has 2 Fortress Watchman in the Field Lane, 2 Senche-Tiger in the Shadow Lane, and 2 Makeshift Defenses, one in each lane.


  1. Play Leafwater Blessing on Crystal Tower Crafter. Ignore the Betray prompt.
  2. Play Dragon Aspect on Makeshift Defenses. Ignore the Betray prompt.
  3. Play Greybeard Mentor.
  4. Play Call of Valor, Betray the Greybeard Mentor, then play it again.
  5. Play Leafwater Blessing on Crystal Tower Crafter, Betray a Sovngarde Hero, and play it on Crystal Tower Crafter again.
  6. Play Dragon Aspect on a Fortress Watchman, Betray a Sovngarde Hero, then play it on the other Fortress Watchman.
  7. Play Drain Vitality on a Senche-Tiger, Betray the last Sovngarde Hero, and play it on Makeshift Defenses.
  8. Attack with Therana.
  9. Play Unrelenting Force on the weakened Senche-Tiger, Betray Therana, and play it on the remaining Senche-Tiger.
  10. Play Leafwater Blessing on Crystal Tower Crafter, ignoring the Betray prompt.
  11. Attack with Crystal Tower Crafter.

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