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First AppearanceThe Bargain
Stories:*Isle of Madness
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Sheogorath is the Daedric Prince of madness and the main antagonist in Isle of Madness. Kellen, a Moth Priest and the narrator of the stories in Legends, tells his traveling companion Nagh about the story of princes’ contribution to Talym Rend‘s descent into madness.

You can read his involvement in Talym Rend’s descent into madness in Talym Rend’s lore page



Isle of Madness[edit]

The Bargain[edit]

Haskill: “Well done, sir, My lord has been much diverted by your violent and musical antics. I myself had a most raucous chuckle. Sheogorath will see you now.”

During the cutscene:

Sheogorath: “Ya want me to do WHAT?! I’m the Daedric Prince of Madness! I don’t make people sane! I’d have to be crazy to do that! And I am crazy. So I’ll do it!”
Sheogorath: “But here’s the bargain, mortal…”
Sheogorath: “You want me to make one person sane? You’ve got to bring three people around to my side of the coin. Y’understand?”
Sheogorath: “Three lovely broken minds for one boring whole one. That’s fair isn’t it? Given that you’re desperate and I’m mean.”
Talym: “You have a deal.”
Sheogorath: “Wonderful! I promise, It’ll be the most fun you’ve ever had. Scratch that: It’ll be the most fun I ever had, heh! But I’ll have enough for both of us!.”

Episode 2 Intro[edit]

Sheogorath: “Your first victim is a crusty old assassin named Zhanar. This cat has killed enough people to buy a fortress, and would ye believe, he doesn’t so much as lose sleep over it? Never hears the phantom whispers of his victims? Hasn’t once huddled in the darkness to escape the staring eyes of the dead? Terribly rude if ye ask me.”
Sheogorath: “There’s got to be a hint of mind shattering terror in there — and you’re going to find it! Give him a good and proper haunting for me. Oh, and I brought you some friends to help! I promised them riches, cheese, and that I wouldn’t dismember them.”
Luzrah Gro-Shar: “Suur-prise! Luzrah’s here to heeeeelp!”
Cyriel: “Uh…Hi. No hard feelings about that purse thing right? Of course not, you’re not the type for hard feelings, right? Right.”
Sheogorath: “I told you this would be fun!”

Episode 3 Intro[edit]

Sheogorath: “Good work, mortal! I haven’t laughed that hard since I made king Euryl marry a cabbage! Don’t worry, it was a really pretty cabbage.”
Sheogorath: “Your next nut to crack is one Baron Navir. Spoiled, arrogant little mortal, who’s had everything handed to him — money, power, fishsticks, several large rocks, you name it. But I think he craves even more.”
Sheogorath: “Play on his ego. Play on his imagination. Play on his drums, I hear he hates that. Scramble his brains up good, and you’ll be one step closer to curing your pathetic kid.”

Episode 4 Intro[edit]

Sheogorath: “I’ve saved your best victim for last! It’s the Imperial spymaster Porcia Loran — oh your old boss, if I’m not mistaken. And I’m usually taken correctly. She’s currently attached to an Imperial phalanx that’s preparing for battle against a pesky clan of Reachmen invaders.”
Talym: “No. Porcia is a good person. She doesn’t deserve –“
Sheogorath: Deserve what? A little insanity? Take it from me, insanity’s more fun than popping pimples with a hammer! You really ought to try it some time.”
Sheogorath: But the choice is yours! You can go back to your poor, crazy son and forget all of this ever happened. Little Novos will never know you could have saved him.”
Talym: “You know I won’t do that. Just… just tell me what you want me to do.”
Sheogorath: Only what you do best, Tally-boy! Get snuggled up nice and close to your target, and then ruin them. The Reachmen are holed up in that Dwemer ruin there. I’m sure you can figure it out from here.”
Sheogorath: Oh, and I’ve just decided: You’ve got three days to do the job, or the deal’s off. Chop chop!”

The Final Battle[edit]

Before the Match:

Sheogorath: “So! You’re back! You’ve got some old sword and you think that entitles you to… what? A back rub? Some cheese?”
Talym: “To a reckoning! You tricked me! Manipulated my mind! Made me think my son was alive!”
Sheogorath: “And you’re welcome! You’re the one who came to me. All boo hoo, and out of yer wee mortal mind. You couldn’t live with your memories then, but now, oh now y’want ’em back?”
Talym: “The things you made me do.”
Sheogorath: “That was the price, Taly-boy. The price for making you forget. So I put a wee little fib in your mind about what’s-his-name to motivate ya. So what?!”
Talym: “Novos. His name was Novos!”
Sheogorath: “Yeah, him! Look, you want your memories back so bad? I’m all too happy to give ’em back to ya! But I don’t think you’ll survive it.”

After Sheogorath banishes your creatures:

Sheogorath: “Here, a trip down memory lane!”

The Final Battle Pt. 2[edit]

At the start of the Match:

Talym: “I left him alone. I didn’t realize how precious that time was.”
Sheogorath: “Oh, I’m sure ya had good reasons! You’ve always got good reasons!”

After he banishes all creatures on the board:

Sheogorath: “How rude of me — I forgot! I promised you more memories, didn’t I? Well, here you go!”

The Final Battle Pt. 3[edit]

Pregame mission description: What was and what has been. A haze, a dream… only a memory.

After he banishes all creatures on the board::

Sheogorath: “I’ve one more memory for you — and it’s a doozy!.”

The Final Battle Pt. 4[edit]

Pregame mission description: What was and what has been. A shadow, a nightmare… only a memory.

At the start of the Match:

Talym: “Novos. My Son.”
Sheogorath: “Oh. Very sad isn’t it. So very, very sad. You know, I think it’s even more fun watching your mind break the second time around. Or is it the third now?”
Talym: “No. I took that easy path once. Chose to forget, to run from what I’d done. And you used me.”
Talym: “Not this time. This time I live with the pain. Let’s see if you can do the same!”

After the first use of the Memory Wand on Sheogorath:

Sheogorath: “What is this? Who’s this “Prince of Order” loser? That’s not… that’s not me is it?”
Sheogorath: “I can’t ever have been that boring! This is making me skin crawl.”

After the second use of the Memory Wand on Sheogorath:

Sheogorath: “That’s not me! Stop it! Cut it out! You lose!”

After the Third use of the Memory Wand on Sheogorath:

Sheogorath: “Give up, go home!”
Sheogorath: “Uncle! Uncle! Father, Brother, Second Cousin, Just stop making me Remember!”

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